Christmas Story

xPwahaha’s Christmas Special
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*Note: This is the more “Americanized” meaning of Christmas – its meaning in our culture and society today. I apologize if this offends you.

Simplicity Stories is my coined term for short stories with very limited and minimal effects. Sometimes, the less effects the better.

Christina Auguilera: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Mariah Carey: Miss You Most at Christmastime


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25 Responses to “【Short Story】The Meaning of Christmas”

  1. kittykat0967

    i almost cried T^T
    i almost cried T^T

  2. XxChocolateMSxX

    that is so sweet …
    that is so sweet and so sad at the same time…(cries)

  3. BuTtErr0714

    the true meaning of …
    the true meaning of christmas is about giving. nice story but i must admit i laughed at the appearance of the lil girl’s father

  4. princessmarrissa

    @meplusgaara lol …
    @meplusgaara lol and I was thinking “Wow, nice explanation 0_o”

  5. chocolategirl241

    this was soo good! …
    this was soo good! keep up the good work!

  6. meplusgaara

    aww poor little …
    aww poor little girl she thought her mom was sleeping,i sorta thought of a song i think is called christmas shoes during that part

  7. NozomiYumihara

    i love it when …
    i love it when people make me cry, it proves they have talent, like you =,)

  8. ategaby


  9. pandaxbehr

    the true meaning of …
    the true meaning of christmas (:

  10. EletrcoBolt

    I almost cried.
    I almost cried.

  11. 1simpleKiss

    D: gawd. wanted to …
    D: gawd. wanted to cry.<3

  12. CaramelCoatedApples

    Cute story~<3333 :-)
    Cute story~<3333 :-)

  13. ThiefDudeRocks

    I feel so sad for …
    I feel so sad for the girl… and her mom who’s “sleeping”

  14. MRcupofjoel

    soo good ! i love u!
    soo good ! i love u!

  15. iiStupidx3

    D:< I wanted to …
    D:< I wanted to rate “5 stars” but my hand shook and it went to 4. ._.

  16. ix3chocoz

    xPwaha make me x …
    xPwaha make me x pwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaa(*cry

  17. Mrevan1502020

    Almost Cried
    Almost Cried

  18. NaiNaixx9

    xPwahaha is AWSOME!!
    xPwahaha is AWSOME!!

  19. amuchan12XD

    thats very …
    thats very beautiful i never seen a story with a speical meaning

  20. BunnyHeartZ

    i wanna cry

    i wanna cry

  21. iiSoFunny

    i was crying from …
    i was crying from when the jock gave the girl the present to the end. everything was so sad. u make great videos

  22. Kajmew

    Omg this was a …
    Omg this was a great movie. I cried.

    Merri Christmas!

  23. IcieSkulls

    I almost cried x3. …
    I almost cried x3. Its a cute story; good job =3. 5/5

  24. xBabyyxOne

    i cried until my …
    i cried until my phone rang. T.T

  25. X39280

    ok i swear last …
    ok i swear last time i saw this it was another song

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