Christmas Story

This is a quick 3 part Christmas Vacation Horror Story Of Christmas Past of almost 20 years ago. My husband and sister are telling the story (Yes, it’s a true story), I am laughing my butt off at them filming it, and my cousins are sitting at the table listening, and you see my nephews [...]


September 20th, 2010

@ HELP MAKE 2008 THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER BY JOINING SANTA’S NEW SOCIAL COMMUNITY @http://www.santalivenow.ning. com and help your Child make they’re own page to interact with Santa all year round! get your free download of Santa’s free 25 days of Christmas advent calendar now. Anew positive thought each day! Duration : 0:1:9 addthis_url = [...]

Family Ties: A Christmas Story

September 17th, 2010

Family Ties: A Christmas Story Original Airdate: December 15th 1982 When their ski trip is postponed by a snowstorm, the Keatons sit home by the fire, where Steven and Elyse share memories of their children’s births. When a blizzard forces the Keatons to spend Christmas at home, Elyse’s gift to Steven – an album filled [...]

Subscribe/Rate/Comment/Favorite This is for MissKatyDane’s Disney Instrumental/Karaoke Contest (Round 3). The song is “Stories” from Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. *Please forgive the timing issues. My vocals, the audio, and the video are not 100% in sync. I tried my best. The video and sound were synced up better before, not sure what [...]

Koopa and his friends ruin Mario’s Cave Christmas… Enjoy! Duration : 0:2:46 addthis_url = ‘’; addthis_title = ‘Youtube+Poop+%26%238211%3B+Cave+Christmas+Stories’; addthis_pub = ”; Technorati Tags: and, Cave, Christmas, film, friends, Koopa, Mario, Poop, ruin, Short, stories, Youtube

Hasn’t everyone had an affair with Santa Clause? Subscribe!!! Become a fan on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter! Follow me on Tumblr! MP3: Lyrics: I had an affair with Santa Clause I close my eyes And the flashback starts I’m laying there Near a christmas tree in winter air See [...]

A close look at the stories surrounding the nativity story including the wise men, the bright star they saw and the presents they brought to the baby Jesus. Duration : 0:5:12 addthis_url = ‘’; addthis_title = ‘Christmas+Crackers+%26%238211%3B+Nativity+Tales’; addthis_pub = ”; Technorati Tags: bbc, christingle, Christmas, crackers, culture, festive, history, morrissey, Nativity, neil, star, Story, traditions, [...] short stories adapted from screenplays written for Hollywood. Join our mailing list to receive free previews of upcoming books and special savings. Brand new market for screenwriters brings exciting family friendly short stories to readers. Enjoy romantic comedies in short stories from award winning screenwriters in upcoming book. FREE downloads and 22 segment training [...]

A Christmas Story House Tour

September 12th, 2010

The house in downtown Cleveland that was used in filming A Christmas Story in 1983. Duration : 0:5:58 addthis_url = ‘’; addthis_title = ‘A+Christmas+Story+House+Tour’; addthis_pub = ”; Technorati Tags: BB, Christmas, Classic, Cleveland, Gun, movie, Ohio, old, Red, ryder, tree

This is one video of a interactive 5 video series of the Christmas Story! Ministry-To-Children and Cullen’s Abc’s will be featuring a video a week leading up to Christmas 2009. Watch them on a schedule with your child leading up to Christmas, or anytime during the year! For an intro video and to watch [...]

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