Christmas Story

A Christmas Story from Snoop Dogg

December 25th, 2010

Snoop Dogg reads his own rendition of a classic holiday tale, as Pepsi MAX and Santa work together to hook “Calvin” up and save Christmas.

Duration : 0:1:46

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25 Responses to “A Christmas Story from Snoop Dogg”

  1. ukkugoodasfidem

    no fingerprints
    no fingerprints

  2. maxitoh23

    Did snoop say East- …
    Did snoop say East-Side?


    Repect for white sox
    Repect for white sox

  4. fbm958

    the gangsta santa …
    the gangsta santa hit again :D

  5. KeShawtyCMoney

    Wait he can read?
    Wait he can read?

  6. live1299

    except r jew friend
    except r jew friend

  7. Crewlord

    Only Snoop can wear …
    Only Snoop can wear a Snow Man Shirt and still be a PIMP.

  8. jarbon5

    Merry Christmas to …
    Merry Christmas to all y’all, now all y’all throw up that WestSide!

  9. saucysalvi

    Lol uncle snoop …
    Lol uncle snoop always comes thru w/ funny shit. I wonder how much pepsi cashed him out 4 that!?!? Prolly something coo!

  10. MsFaden

    this guy is classic
    this guy is classic

  11. KrikeTube7

    1 min and 46 secs without words like “-izzle” – 20/12/2011

  12. MaleficaWitch

    @Inuyashafan5677 …
    @Inuyashafan5677 Like you, I came because of Richard. He has far too few words in this.

  13. Inuyashafan5677

    You know, I didn’t …
    You know, I didn’t come to watch this vid to see Snoop, I came to watch Richard Speight Jr. be the most adorablest angel that he is! But, Snoop since your now Santa could you bring me Richard for christmas? I would love to see him under my tree, WAIT no he can be the ANGEL on top of my tree YUSH please Snoop I would really love to wake up christmas morning and see Richard on top of my christmas tree being the angel he is suppose to be (:

  14. Solja2010

    this is lame …
    this is lame eventhough i like snoop lol

  15. TheDinosaurKitteh


  16. randomshiz9301

    0:53 amazing
    0:53 amazing

  17. kandyagurl

    “No he did’ntttttt” …
    “No he did’ntttttt” lol

  18. drtooty5


  19. MeloTheInsomniac

    Richard Speight Jr …
    Richard Speight Jr ftw :D “Santa cursed? Seems out of character…”

  20. ChaoticKraus

    Snoop Dogg stands …
    Snoop Dogg stands up there with Stephen Fry and Morgan Freeman as one of the best narrators of our generation. I’m gonna go buy pepsi now.

  21. oybay

    Mazel tov, Snoop.
    Mazel tov, Snoop.

  22. Googlystube

    yay merry christmas …
    yay merry christmas snoop….

    we all gonna get laid tonight!!!

  23. Scyllaya

    Yeay Snoop’s cool, …
    Yeay Snoop’s cool, but Richard Speight Jr. FTW!!

    The Gabester owns my soul XD

    *goes to buy more Pepsi Max*

  24. Scyllaya

    @K20a3RSX The Pepsi …
    @K20a3RSX The Pepsi Driver is ‘Gabriel’ from Supernatural! The awesome Richard Speight Jr.!! <3

  25. thedizzit

    @purpletaco542 no, …
    @purpletaco542 no, find it, send to me

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