Christmas Story

Located on Cleveland’s near-west side in the Tremont neighborhood, “A Christmas Story” House has been completely restored to its movie splendor and is open year-round for public tours. The house is both a tribute to and replica of the Parker family’s home in fictional Hohman, Indiana, based on writer and narrator Jean Shepherd’s actual childhood home in Hammond, Indiana.

The neighborhood surrounding “A Christmas Story” House is also home to “A Christmas Story” House Museum and a gift shop featuring signature leg lamps and other great movie memorabilia.

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4 Responses to “A Christmas Story House and Museum”

  1. MyPinkRainbow

    love this place, it …
    love this place, it is a classic , a tradition to watch the movie and go down and see the house , so so very fun

  2. godawgs305

    i saw that house …
    i saw that house last sunday when i was in cleveland to see the browns and ravens play.

  3. nitedragon209

    *add to my bucket …
    *add to my bucket list*

  4. byronkelley216

    like it
    like it

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