Christmas Story

Pivirotto, story, show, me, how, the, piggies, eat, mommy’s, little, piggyA Christmas Story: Mommy’s little piggy

Duration : 0:2:25

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12 Responses to “A Christmas Story: Mommy’s little piggy”

  1. PrincessCarly22

    LOL! that huge …
    LOL! that huge snort at 0:38 is priceless!

  2. briansky10

    This is the one …
    This is the one scene in this film I cannot bear to watch. I find totally sick in spite of Randy’s very cute laugh. My theory on this scene is “Don’t watch this scene unless you have an eating disorder.”

  3. caseyis2cute4u


  4. Batistamaniac1

    LMAO at 0:40 the …
    LMAO at 0:40 the dads face made me laugh at that he was like “oh my god im raising this boy!?”

  5. cartmanfan0316

    To this day I still …
    To this day I still find this scene so funny. When I saw it the first time, I was in tears.

  6. jeepgrl2010

    His laugh is …
    His laugh is priceless!

  7. ohtone1

    lol i love that …
    lol i love that part.

  8. smileygymnast99

    my fav part of the …
    my fav part of the mo ie i laugh everytime :)

  9. TheRaven878

    @pinoypride64 …
    @pinoypride64 christmas eve, TBS, i think 7 pm cable

  10. pinoypride64

    @TheRaven878 when …
    @TheRaven878 when will it air and what channel and what kind cable or satellite?

  11. TheRaven878

    i can’t wait for …
    i can’t wait for the 24 hour friggin marathon of this movie!

  12. pianoplayablue

    One of my favorite …
    One of my favorite parts in the movie!

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