Christmas Story

The original theatrical trailer to the classic Christmas movie about the little boy Ralphie and his Red Ryder Carbine Action Range Model BB Gun Air Rifle!!!


Duration : 0:2:13

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11 Responses to “A Christmas Story – Original Theatrical Trailer”

  1. BlacksVideos

    This movie is in …
    This movie is in class with donald duck

  2. MiSsBeLeC

    That pink bunny …
    That pink bunny suit is so funny lol

  3. fuzzybunnyslipers2

    i <3 this movie!!! …
    i <3 this movie!!! its awesome

  4. vaultdude269

    best christmas …
    best christmas movie ever

  5. 1168a

    That son of a …
    That son of a would freeze up in the middle of summer on the equator!

  6. Patrickharris3

    i love this movie
    i love this movie

  7. ReesesSweetie

    Peter Billingsley …
    Peter Billingsley played Ralphie and the kid who played Flick was a actor.

  8. chiddsman

    who did…raphlie?
    who did…raphlie?

  9. oreolvr712

    Fra ra ra ra ra!lol …
    Fra ra ra ra ra!lol…loved that scene!

  10. JesusAteMyPizza

    Did you know he …
    Did you know he grew up to be a actor?

  11. KiriannasBoyARtisan

    Did you know Flick …
    Did you know Flick was played by a boy with the last name “Schwartz”? That was Scott Schwartz.

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