Christmas Story

A Christmas Story (Part 9)

October 29th, 2010

A Tribute to the Original, Traditional, One-Hundred-Percent, Red-Blooded, Two-Fisted, All-American Christmas…

Peace. Harmony. Comfort and Joy… Maybe Next Year.

‘Tis better to give than to receive.

Duration : 0:7:50

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25 Responses to “A Christmas Story (Part 9)”

  1. DimeraFan28

    2 months, 9 weeks, …
    2 months, 9 weeks, 74 days till christmas.

  2. coreylawd

    i used to cry when …
    i used to cry when i broke my glasses i used to say
    “OMG mom your gonan kill me (sob sob sob) im so sorry (cry sob cry)
    “what wrogn corey” says mom
    “i broke my glasses im so sorry” i then reply
    = flawless

  3. vacuumlover1

    I would LOOOL so …
    I would LOOOL so hard if that box behind the desk had a pair of pink pants from his aunt, instead of that bb gun.


    He doesnt even know …
    He doesnt even know how to but a bb in a red ryder

  5. giglokinproductions

    You ” …

    You “heart” this movie? Wow. I’m watching this movie with 6 different people, and we can’t stop laughing at how stupid that is. I just called my mom long distance to tell her you “heart” this movie, and she can’t stop laughing either!

  6. jakeweerez

    I think we can all …
    I think we can all remember getting that one amazing Christmas gift that was a dream come true!! I absolutely heart this movie!!

  7. monathetrucker

    I always love this …
    I always love this part. He exercise’s every method thinkable to get a present, but when it comes down to it, it was dear ole dad who came through for him. :-)

  8. DimeraFan28

    3 months till …
    3 months till christmas.

  9. LoZWWisawesome

    I love the music …
    I love the music that plays when Ralphie gets the gun. <3

  10. BritishWarLord

    In the U.K. the kid …
    In the U.K. the kid could of stepped on as many glasses as he liked, because the the Health service would of given him new ones after new ones …. ahhhhh

  11. Moonstone2732

    @jediskunk67 I …
    @jediskunk67 I agree too. Or I’d ask her to get some glasses.

  12. ScoonyBoy

    LOL-”Don’t shoot …
    LOL-”Don’t shoot any animals or birds!”
    “Except the Bumpass’s dogs!”

  13. donnakayt1

    @cheesemaster2367 …
    @cheesemaster2367 My dad wanted to teach me how to shoot so he got me a bb gun he says I have great aim. XD

  14. DimeraFan28

    I Still Can’t Wait …
    I Still Can’t Wait for Christmas 2010.

  15. Vanechalyssa


  16. FreezingStorm

    just be happy the …
    just be happy the dogs have worms nao.


  17. DimeraFan28

    I Still Can’t Wait …
    I Still Can’t Wait For Christmas, 4 months and 117 Days Till Christmas.

  18. missawesomex10

    “tries to cut the …
    “tries to cut the turkey”



  19. DimeraFan28

    god i wish i had a …
    god i wish i had a remote so i can fast-forword through Labor day and Halloween, and stop at Thanksgiving, I just loved watching “The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” on NBC, and also Christmas, I also just loved watching “Christmas In Rockefeller Center”.

  20. sarmanja88

    “Ahh Life is like …
    “Ahh Life is like that. Sometimes at the height of our revelries, when our joy is at its zenith, when all is most right with the world, the most unthinkable disasters descend upon us.”
    So true Ralphie so very very true

  21. cheesemaster2367

    when i wanted a BB …
    when i wanted a BB gun i asked my mom and she actually said “You’ll poke your eyes out”, then i asked my dad and he said yes and we ordered it online and two days later a giant box was one my bed

  22. klimaxxx06

    oh Ralphie!
    oh Ralphie!

  23. 62SG

    The scene where …
    The scene where Ralphie finally gets his precious BB gun is wonderful. Nothing beats it when your Old Man gets you something badass that he knows you want, that he knows you deserve and that he knows your mom is too much of a lady to understand.

  24. EricWilke1141987


  25. Jordanm5150


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