Christmas Story

Ralphie, from A Christmas Story, Beats Up Farkus, the neighborhood bully, in a tirade of obscenities.

Duration : 0:2:12

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25 Responses to “A Christmas Story – Ralphie Beats Up The Bully”

  1. realfunnybunny


  2. blastmasterism


  3. FallenFlagband

    HaHa. I didn’t even …
    HaHa. I didn’t even watch the fight, was drooling over that 29′ Tudor body in the background and then Ralphy’s friends run though that roadster. Not to mention all the other model T’s in the sheds.

  4. CDLSrockers

    I think I heard him …
    I think I heard him say the N-word once or twice, this was set in the 1940′s after all.

  5. Sage80

    fuck your no …
    your no embedding, bitch!

  6. 027220

    :49 CHARGE!!!
    :49 CHARGE!!!

  7. nocturned85

    Ralphie curb …
    Ralphie curb stomped Farkus

  8. PanchoPantera10

    @Boolglunk Really? …
    @Boolglunk Really? I just got sent to the office but I didn’t suspended… Yeah, this scene is the best! Ralphie, thanks for teaching us how to stand up! Merry Christmas :-)

  9. bertmustin

    I never understood …
    I never understood why Ralphie was afraid of the old man. If anyone would have been proud of his son standing up for himself it would have been him.

  10. CityofgunzNrosez

    Primester and …
    Primester and Farkus disliked this vid.

  11. CityofgunzNrosez

    @Grantrus71 You are …
    @Grantrus71 You are AWESOME!

  12. CityofgunzNrosez

    Ralphie FTW!
    Ralphie FTW!

  13. GallieMaynard

    war ralphie!!!
    war ralphie!!!

  14. Bbabcock8

    @primester the sad …
    @primester the sad part of this is that you’re right. In our society, no matter how much bullying was done to Ralph, when he fought back HE would be the one punished. We have a tendency to punish victims .. generally because the crimes go untold until it’s too late and that person only sees vigilantism as his or her option out of it. Then that’s two lives down the drain. We need to do better all around to prevent bullying, and encourage early reporting before the victim snaps.

  15. Mathis27Fan

    That was some …
    That was some serious ground and pound, the ref had to stop the

  16. HaileyComedyOfficial

    I love this movie. …
    I love this movie. Especially a few minutes later when the little brother is under the sink like, “Daddy’s gonna kill Ralllphie!”

  17. anakinfan8

    this is why they do …
    this is why they do anti bullying ads

    because if you dont,ralph parker will destroy your entire face

  18. DiamondbackKI23

    Grover Dill Leaving …
    Grover Dill Leaving his bud´╗┐ there to get pummeled by Ralphy… even A BIGGER pussy!

  19. DorvellTStewart

    Scut Farkas and …
    Scut Farkas and Grover Dill missed the like button!

  20. DorvellTStewart

    He had it coming to …
    He had it coming to him!

  21. Grantrus71

    You sound so much …
    You sound so much different now…you are squealing now mister bully. Grover Dill is “telling his dad”. Hmm…

  22. Grantrus71

    @primester ” …
    @primester “Vigilantism”? LMMFAO!! It’s called standing up for yourself, you capon. Vigilante justice is a lynch mob. Moron. This was a kid defending himself. You communist boot-licker.

  23. Grantrus71


  24. primester

    this is straight up …
    this is straight up assault, he should be punished to the full extent of the law. bullying is bad, but accepting vigilantism is the first sign of a society spiraling out of control.

  25. JGigs93

    It’s always good to …
    It’s always good to kill a ginger

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