Christmas Story

If you are a fan of the classic holiday movie ‘A Christmas Story’ or a fan of it’s author Jean Shepherd, then watching this video is a must. See the REAL house Jean and Randy Shepherd grew up in — in good ol’ Hammond, Indiana.

This is where the stories came from – The leg lamp, the Bumpus’ hounds, the exploding furnace — This is the place it all REALLY happened! We talk to the home’s current owner and meet up with local historian Richard Lytle.

Find out how you can take a bath in Ralphie’s actual bath tub!

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Duration : 0:6:41

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25 Responses to “A CHRISTMAS STORY Reality Tour – Hammond NOT Hohman Indiana”

  1. squeegybits

    fatties from …
    fatties from lmao

  2. dummyproduction

    ya i live here . . …
    ya i live here . . . so praise me

  3. Woodbutcher681



    Those are leaves.

  4. Oglenthorne

    Dog turds on steps …
    Dog turds on steps at 1:17 is a nice touch.

  5. yambo59

    I just left a …
    I just left a comment on another video about this – I noticed today when I watched it, during the tire change scene the olds plates said indiana, yet everyone was saying Ohio was location, so that clears it up — filmed in cleveland, set in indiana. thanks – Mike

  6. CARDMAN365

    oneday i well see …
    oneday i well see this house.

  7. nicolehockeygirl

    I really wish I …
    I really wish I could hear them talking.
    Even though I know the hole story, being from Hessville.

  8. keytoothed

    Too bad they killed …
    Too bad they killed the audio. Bastards.

  9. BigBoiJC

    I always thought it …
    I always thought it was Terra Haute…I guess that’s where the store was.

  10. jasonmarcnash

    love this …
    love this documentary,it’s the first of its kind,Weldone now Hammond must be proud of Jean Sheppard

  11. kalliet219x

    i live right down …
    i live right down the street! yeah and i hate those next door neighbors dogs too! HUGE great danes that attacked me and my friend one day

  12. paohdez

    I live in Hammond …
    I live in Hammond and I want to say thanks for making this documentary. Great job editing too!

  13. lauramp71

    They tore down …
    They tore down Harding?? I lived around the corner from Harding and went to the old Junior High that was accross the street from it before IT was torn down! Why would they tear it down? I was back in about ’98 and it was still there and in pretty good shape. Are there just no little kids in Hammond any more??

  14. furrycanuck

    No, it was FILMED …
    No, it was FILMED in Cleveland but SET in Hammond Indiana

  15. kendpw

    i remember laughing …
    i remember laughing my off when iwas 5yrs old listening to him on my comphy transistor radio nobodys has matched him yet

  16. mike45014

    Is that the house …
    Is that the house where the movie was filmed?

  17. ducttapeheart

    Too bad they tore …
    Too bad they tore down Harding. Oh Hessville!

  18. BiancaVagina

    haha in the …
    haha in the beginning was that lady by the hammond southshore station?

  19. BiancaVagina

    Hammond has a …
    Hammond has a history? haha. In the part of Hammond I live in..its just horrible. I wouldnt say I am proud..but its still home

  20. laurabethlaura

    Exact same street …
    Exact same street name as listed in the movie and the books, “good ol’” Cleveland Street.

  21. jimwizameritech

    Sorry….not to be …
    Sorry….not to be a nuisance here……but I lived in Hammond
    from 1958-1970……….graduated the same Hammond High School shepard went to, and also worked at Inland steel open hearth #3 where his film crews often filmed his TV shows for Public TV channel 11……….I’d just like to know what the street address for ’2902′ was…….I lived in North and South Hammond both…….what was the street, and adress, so I can drive by sometime?

  22. oakas17

    Great Video!!! I …
    Great Video!!! I am a former Hammond resident and a Jean Shepherd Fan!!! Go Region Rats!!!

  23. humongojugomango

    nah, actually its …
    nah, actually its 2907, i know because i used to live there and ive seen evidence of the shepherd’s habitation in the attic(jean and randy wrote their names in chalk on the celing of the dormer sometime in the 30′s and its still there)

  24. raingiver

    Thanks for this. I …
    Thanks for this. I live in Hammond and I’m proud of our history.

  25. furrycanuck

    2902- I thought …
    2902- I thought Jean Shepherd grew up in the area E or NE of Harrison Park, so his address would have been, say, 15 Webb or something like that… 2902 would be in Hessville maybe? Anyway, thanks for this!

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