Christmas Story

This is one of the best scenes from the movie. No intent on any infringement.

Duration : 0:2:21

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25 Responses to “A Christmas Story “The Frozen Tongue””

  1. WhenxChristxReturnsx

    I bet that pole …
    I bet that pole taste nasty xD

  2. an0nymooose

    whats the song in …
    whats the song in the background?

  3. 51NJL

    lol I just did this …
    lol I just did this not too long ago, it really hurts lol.

  4. Princess46721

    @santacruz474 ha …
    @santacruz474 ha ha i have only on vhs but thats amazing u have it on both lol ! =)

  5. santacruz474

    @Princess46721 Me …
    @Princess46721 Me too. I love this movie I have on DVD and VHS :)

  6. russianboy3185


  7. GovernAmerica

    Ugh! That’s painful …
    Ugh! That’s painful to watch. lol

  8. Princess46721

    i freaking love …
    i freaking love this movie i watch it ever year freakin religiously i LOVE it its amazin!

  9. NarokiDream

    i cant wait to c …
    i cant wait to c this christmas eve and christmas day:)

  10. ModLikeItsMyJob

    hahahah “I don’t …
    hahahah “I don’t know the bell rang”

  11. indyman12345LOL

    this scene teaches …
    this scene teaches u a great lesson, when its winter, always carry around a glass of warm water…

  12. 31operafan

    xD I LOVE this part!
    xD I LOVE this part!

  13. battaswing77

    love, love, love …
    love, love, love this movie.

  14. mmhansen2

    When I was about …
    When I was about that age (in 1955) I did that. I REALLY DID THAT! You know what happened? My tongue stuck! I pulled away quickly and left a few layers of skin behind. :D

  15. supersmashbrawler100

    best scene in the …
    best scene in the movie

  16. dudrhkd7

    so this is how my …
    so this is how my dad argued :D

  17. SonicSnail95

    idk wether to laugh …
    idk wether to laugh or be really really disturbed…
    one of my fav holiday fliks
    pun INTENDED

  18. lavvy2585


  19. kirk1968

    That scene never …
    That scene never gets old!

  20. danboyboo

    And we never miss …
    And we never miss it!!!

  21. sxfn15

    every christmas on …
    every christmas on tbs 24 hrs of this movie

  22. abaum1996

    this scene is …
    this scene is amazing:)

  23. katkaimo

    did the boy ever …
    did the boy ever get his thongue of the pole
    u have to finish the story as he could still be there lol

  24. LTF85199

    but the bell rang! …
    but the bell rang! got 2 go :)

  25. JoHeywood

    Lucky you didn’t …
    Lucky you didn’t dare me Boo, lol

    Huggs Jo :) )))))))

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