Christmas Story

Scene From the movie A Christmas Story where Flick gets his tounge stuck to a flag pole.

Sry about the dumb unregistered thing in the middle.

Duration : 0:2:12

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25 Responses to “A Christmas Story: Tounge Stuck to a Flag Pole”

  1. USApwnage

    im not lickin poles …
    im not lickin poles anymore ._.

  2. OoTnCoO

    1 star for annoying …
    1 star for annoying text in the way.

  3. KittyHelloKat

    “But the bell rang!”
    “But the bell rang!”

  4. omgitslive


  5. starheart49

    Hurry someone get …
    Hurry someone get the heater!

  6. OliveOil05


  7. MegaCaborca

    jaja,,,,fun part
    jaja,,,,fun part

  8. Pjpants18

    haha one of my fav …
    haha one of my fav parts

  9. AmericanLovee


  10. clevis09

    classic…total …
    classic…total desertion, bell rang…so what, thinkin your friend’s safety comes before tardiness.

    lmao, “what’re we do?….idk what bell rang” runs off haha :)

  11. nutcake9

    its thuck, its …
    its thuck, its thuck, its thuck!

  12. peabody66

    Or the chick might …
    Or the chick might have had her genitalia pierced.

  13. icebreakersix1nine

    lmao ur full of …
    lmao ur full of beans and so is ur old man

  14. Rickator

    Stick my tonque to …
    Stick my tonque to that stupid pole? thats dumb! lol :D

  15. macaroni8cheese

    flick? flick who? …
    flick? flick who? XD

  16. Belle1Fan

    “Come back, Ralphie …
    “Come back, Ralphie, come back! Don’t leave me! Come back!” Haha!

  17. kevinmmmk

    Must have been a …
    Must have been a frigid woman then.

  18. JenkBigQ

    i so want to try …
    i so want to try this… but im so scared at the same time lol.

  19. satanknight14

    Reminds me of the …
    Reminds me of the time my toungue got stuck to some :0…

  20. FlukeDogg08

    I’ll dare you to …
    I’ll dare you to stick yo’ tounge on the frozen flag pole.

  21. FlukeDogg08

    me too!
    me too!

  22. mrbill1000

    Why Can’t I find …
    Why Can’t I find the full movie on youtube?

  23. TheSnakeGuy1

    ” Dont leave me, …
    ” Dont leave me, come back”"!

  24. StukInBuf

    Some gal in …
    Some gal in Wash-State tried this stunt last week… same result.

  25. chaoscast

    a classic :D
    a classic :D

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