Christmas Story


June 11th, 2010

Original theatrical trailer for the 1983 holiday classic, screening as part of the Orpheum FIl Series on December 13 at 7pm.

For more information on this, or any of our upcoming events, visit the Orpheum online at

Duration : 0:2:14

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25 Responses to “A CHRISTMAS STORY trailer”

  1. CHEER0325

    im glad im not the …
    im glad im not the only one who comments on this video after christmas is over. omg i cant wait for christmas

  2. ewd76

    You’ll shoot your …
    You’ll shoot your eye out.

  3. Normal26Stack

    OMG! “Fra- gee- …
    OMG! “Fra- gee- laigh…. hm must be Italian!’ “Oh i think tht says fragile honey”

  4. XXmissybooXX

    …So beffitting …
    …So beffitting that this happens to be Trey Parker’s favorite movie :D

  5. CHEER0325

    oh no i shouldnt …
    oh no i shouldnt have watched this….. i want christmas again =(

  6. daneesteynk

    I think I saw n …
    I think I saw n this movi3 @ MOOV ZON,COM
    g00gle the link above

  7. francolero99

    La MEJOR película …
    La MEJOR película de Navidad de todos los tiempos, todos los idiomas, todas las culturas…

  8. jasonhylnd001

    I gotta say my …
    I gotta say my favorite scene from this movie though is when ralph beats up the bully.

  9. jasonhylnd001

    As much as i like …
    As much as i like this movie home alone is way better and funnier and mac could act a whole lot better. anyone who disagrees with me doesn’t know good christmas movies.

  10. puzzleboy2

    I agree, sdineen557 …
    I agree, sdineen557. It never fails, the extreme feeling of sadness you feel once you realize Christmas isn’t coming again for a whole year.

    Oh well, only 346 days to go!

  11. hal0dude134



  12. anthem47

    I looked this up …
    I looked this up due to gag references to it in both Borderlands and World of Warcraft…and I realised, I never saw it but the trailer was on an ex-rental VHS we had when I was 8 and I always wanted to see it, haha. Will have to catch it.

  13. sdineen557

    i miss christmas …
    i miss christmas omg i wannna cry i hate when christmas is over =[

  14. il0veg0dbaby

    my cousin in greece …
    my cousin in greece looks just like Ralph… and ralphs brother and acts lke ralphs brother…. and hes like the same age.. lol :D

  15. puzzleboy2

    This movie is, …
    This movie is, without question, the best Christmas movie ever.

  16. bakebooey

    maybe furcollar is …
    maybe furcollar is a lying conservative. Or an oxycotin addicted idiot who tries to brainwash morons 5 days a week , the possibilities are endless.

  17. roosevelthighschool

    TBS did a marathon …
    TBS did a marathon of this movie. They started at 7 PM Christmas Eve and ended at 7 PM Christmas Day. It is one of my favorite holiday movies.

  18. lowgeemudbone

    oh run its …
    oh run its scott farkus

  19. colossalcrunch

    great choices i …
    great choices i would have to put them in the other order though

  20. astronaut529

    2nd fav movie for …
    2nd fav movie for the holidays-the dad so much reminds me of my grandpa the 1st fav is def. christmas vacation

  21. divinitygirl001

    Such an awesome …
    Such an awesome movie, funny every time! Fragile, that must be Italian! :)

  22. abercrmbiepunk

    NOTAFINGA!!!!! …
    NOTAFINGA!!!!! Hahaha! Love this movie

  23. mmdan554

    im watchin this …
    im watchin this right now…its so awesome. lol

  24. chieaa411

    i’m watching this …
    i’m watching this movie RIGHT NOW!!! i love it! ralphie and randy are so adorable!

  25. TheBen10chronicles

    im watching it …
    im watching it right now

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