Christmas Story

A Christmas Story Trailer (1983)

Duration : 0:2:15

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13 Responses to “A Christmas Story Trailer (1983)”


    you’ll shoot your …
    you’ll shoot your eye out.

  2. XxSpiderzxweBxX

    Every year I watch …
    Every year I watch as much of the TBS “24 hours of A Christmas Story” marathon as I can. The odd thing is, every year I’m bummed when it goes off, even after having watched it soooo many times during the last 24 hours.

  3. 84Bronco351

    “FRA G(I) Lay” ( …
    “FRA G(I) Lay” (that’s how he pronounced it)! ‘I think that’s fragile” lol

  4. TheBestGhostbuster

    I love this movie …
    I love this movie but personally, I think I like It’s a Wonderful Life just a bit better.

  5. KidMoneyFresh420

    who ever thumbs …
    who ever thumbs down this movie has no soul

  6. xochelsayyxo

    greatest christmas …
    greatest christmas movie of allll time :) im so glad they play it 24 hours on christmas!!!! ;)

  7. SHINE912

    @kobakommander I …
    @kobakommander I guess not. I know it’s the movie to watch in my house hold on Christmas eve.

  8. kobakommander

    @SHINE912 I’m …
    @SHINE912 I’m guessing this trailer didn’t help.

  9. ihatepie3

    classical movie lol …
    classical movie lol MY FAVORITE

  10. irresistibleforce

    wow i had no idea …
    wow i had no idea it flopped cuz EVERYBODY watches it every year on either tbs or tnt

    i know me personally i watch it 2 or 3 times.

  11. SHINE912

    The reason she …
    The reason she probably didn’t see it is because in 1983 when it hit the moves it floped by the way people like watching this movie on TBS 24hrs of A Christmas Story it’s hard to believe it didn’t do good at the box officls but it is the best christmas movie ever mad

  12. irresistibleforce

    my mom just told me …
    my mom just told me shes never seen this movie. WTF?!?!?!?! she was like 15 when this came out. HOW THE DIDN’T SHE SEE THIS.

    greatest christmas movie EVER

  13. sgeorgstvn

    love this movie!
    love this movie!

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