Christmas Story

Catherine breaks down “A Dangerous Method” and “Arthur Christmas”, also special guest Jeremy Jahns.

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Duration : 0:8:6

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25 Responses to “A Dangerous Method & Arthur Christmas – BID 43”

  1. ipwnganondorf

    What an AWSOME …
    What an AWSOME cameo at the end.

  2. MaiNKoncept

    Where are you …
    Where are you pullin those treats from????? lol

  3. Ivn1999

    Wow, so I have the …
    Wow, so I have the hugest boner for dead tooth even sick in bed.. Marry me please!

  4. ematj

    I’d been watching …
    I’d been watching Jeremy all day so I thought I was going insane when I suddenly saw him on this video.

  5. Phegmore

    Whoa that last part …
    Whoa that last part with Mr. Jahns was a throw-off. Props to the both of yuz for that little cameo.

  6. travis112096

    thumbs up if you …
    thumbs up if you think jeremy jahns should film a review from his bed

  7. TheSean24k

    Ohhhhh Jeremy !!
    Ohhhhh Jeremy !!

  8. thuaners

    i loved arthur …
    i loved arthur christmas :D

  9. TheHeartofFarah

    She’s married. Is …
    She’s married. Is that a good answer?

  10. leoninja

    jeremy popping up …
    jeremy popping up at the end, epic!!!

  11. mook5555


  12. leeloo1967

    ~I know I’m late …
    ~I know I’m late Catherine but I hope your feeling better now~
    ~If I see A Dangerous Method it’ll be on cable~
    ~I really wanna see Authur Christmas though~
    ~Amazing reviews Catherine~!

  13. MyiGrad

    Jeremy Jahns is …
    Jeremy Jahns is just awful.

  14. akashrajatheking

    thumbs up if you …
    thumbs up if you knew catherein was married and you felt bad for our Mr.awesometaccular !!!

  15. MrNotAFag


  16. MrTrooper1300

    woooooo jeremy and …
    woooooo jeremy and catherine

  17. Frozone470

    The King and Queen …
    The King and Queen of movie reviews in one vi- *head explodes*

  18. ComedyKings17


  19. QuatermassMan

    Feel better dear. …
    Feel better dear. MAJOR PROPS to doing a review SICK! I believe that’s a first! Atta girl. You got balls…and that doesn’t bother me. Jeremy, that Jena Haze line had me on the floor!!!! yeah! Best review yet!

  20. LogicThEncrypter

    Why are you so hot …
    Why are you so hot? it’s not good to be hot.

  21. sctrgs3207

    Looking forward to …
    Looking forward to H-BO after the weekend.

    Break a leg, Catherine..

  22. assassin6637

    Yeah I can agree …
    Yeah I can agree with you on Thor ^_-

  23. xBellatrixLestrangex

    Catherine x Jeremy! …
    Catherine x Jeremy!!! WOOOOOOO!!!
    Although thinking about it, poor Jeremy would probably wind up dead in a month XD

  24. thebatmanbadass30000

    ….they’re both …
    ….they’re both funny! lol but i agree with Jeremy more on movies….I’m sorry but when she said Thor wasn’t that good…i lost it…for like a second lol

  25. JohnFlickster

    I would guess one …
    I would guess one is married… just judging by the wedding ring….

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