Christmas Story

My 2009 Christmas special! Enjoy!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for everything- I wouldn’t be this far in stop-motion without you!

Voice Actors:

Black-outfit Officer- Homestonearts

KeatMotion Productions 2009-2010

Duration : 0:3:56

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25 Responses to “A Darth Vader Christmas Story”

  1. carltonpowers

    Its a weewee

    Its a weewee


    Just wondering (as …
    Just wondering (as a partner) Were you able to profit from this video? (with christmas music and all)

  3. bluemonkeyzz1

    i randomly started …
    i randomly started clicking around and on the play bar and then darth vader says ITS A WIIWII and then commander says o that how you feel xd

  4. TheHNajjar

    the death star has …
    the death star has so much gifts

  5. TheHNajjar

    at the death star …
    at the death star has so much gifts

  6. undertakerfan687

    I don’t believe in …
    I don’t believe in Santa either… :l

  7. bukkemsstudio

    manboobs!! XD 1:08 …
    manboobs!! XD 1:08 to 2:10

  8. 67legofan

    Its a wee wee!!!
    Its a wee wee!!!

  9. funkychipmunks1

    guy has boobs
    guy has boobs

  10. sexykatie90

    sexykatie90 HAPPY …
    sexykatie90 HAPPY NEW YEARS

  11. nuggetsjuice

    Wii Wii my mom …
    Wii Wii my mom yelled at me I laughed so hard lol

  12. keatthebeat24

    @ …
    @LlamaBoyProductions It is something that is done automatically on Sony Vegas.

  13. LlamaBoyProductions

    can you please tell …
    can you please tell me how to do this sort of blur to my videos, because i number of animators that i see, when you pause their videos you can see a trail behind the frame it is showing, making a sort of blur effects that makes animations appear smoother. could you please please please tell e how or what program you do this in? it would help a ton! thanks! :)

  14. worldwar2guy101

    ha! lol! the 3:56 …
    ha! lol! the 3:56 guy has man boobs

  15. KittyCatMew1


  16. bioniclecharlie

    @keatthebeat24 :D
    @keatthebeat24 :D

  17. BigFatBlobz

    its a WII WII haha
    its a WII WII haha

  18. keatthebeat24

    @bioniclecharlie …
    @bioniclecharlie You tell him. He made a poor comment.

  19. bioniclecharlie

    @MrTommymcgowan …
    @MrTommymcgowan well done einstein

  20. bioniclecharlie

    wii wii made me lol.
    wii wii made me lol.

  21. MrTommymcgowan

    you got that ” …
    you got that “Humbug” from Christmas Carol!!!

  22. ekbandrew



  23. leokimvideo

    wow very cool LEGO …
    wow very cool LEGO animation

  24. legomanic1

    he he darth vader …
    he he darth vader said wiiwii!

  25. gawee08

    I got a Wii for …
    I got a Wii for christmas to LOL!

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