Christmas Story

Christmas time and we gather up to prepare for Christmas :)
Everything so fine and festive… i hope.

I got some help from my friend CrimsonCombine, mostly with ideas and voice acting.
CrimsonCombines Channel:

Yes i know it’s late for a Christmas Movie.
But i could not make it in time, reasons being a crashing Garry’s Mod, much to do at home and the fact that i started making this a little too late.

Duration : 0:4:0

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25 Responses to “A Garrys Mod Christmas Story 2 – Part 1”

  1. WhereAreTheStairs1

    Did you voice act …
    Did you voice act yourself? are you english/ british? And I love how each tree is themed after a game

  2. martin27000

    best gmod Christmas …
    best gmod Christmas movie ever thump opp if you agreed

  3. posidon100

    1:20 xmas tree is …
    1:20 xmas tree is spy!!!!!!!

  4. poopymashine

    im jew and i liked
    im jew and i liked

  5. Nahzalos

    Can’t be watched on …
    Can’t be watched on mobile devices? D:

  6. Lizasteel625

    23 people are …
    23 people are minecraft jewish

  7. araelane

    @MisterMild 920 …
    @MisterMild 920 liker

  8. araelane

    @MisterMild 920 …
    @MisterMild 920 liker

  9. araelane

    everyone read the …
    everyone read the description

  10. araelane

    @MisterMild awesome …
    @MisterMild awesome job on the video man it made me happy :) but when he got the pills louis should of taken them anyways great job i am going to watch part 2!

  11. araelane

    @fabl101 me to it …
    @fabl101 me to it is the way they interact with each other

  12. araelane

    @MisterMild awesome …
    @MisterMild awesome job on the video man it made me happy :) i am going to watch part 2

  13. araelane

    @MisterMild awesome …
    @MisterMild awesome job on the video man it made me happy :)

  14. fabl101

    I don’t know why …
    I don’t know why but this makes me happy

  15. qwerty222999

    @Arnie1000351 I …
    @Arnie1000351 I just looked at the TF2 Wiki, and the texture was improved December 21th. I stopped using it before that date, and it was an undocumented change. How should I know? Well anyway, they LOOKED like something from MineCraft before that update.

  16. Arnie1000351

    @qwerty222999 Nope …
    @qwerty222999 Nope it just depends on your graphics settings they look the same to me.

  17. Jokkibo

    @2:07 epic XD
    @2:07 epic XD

  18. MrThekillerFR

    1:08 Start to be …
    1:08 Start to be funny ^^

  19. SuperYente

    nasty weapons, hats …
    nasty weapons, hats, things from steam games, tf2 things, super mario galaxy luma’s

  20. best360gamer

    i wish i lived with …
    i wish i lived with heavy,soldier and engi :c

  21. imred3345l

    I farted.
    I farted.

  22. bojjan97

    what is the name on …
    what is the name on the map?

  23. l4dlordhaha

    GUY::D cool lights …

  24. phonelamplover

    pugue music! sweet!
    pugue music! sweet!

  25. andoykids

    @MisterMild Dont …
    @MisterMild Dont worry about it, your life should always be first before youtube

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