Christmas Story

A Gay Ol’ Christmas Story

December 29th, 2010

This is a story of what happened to me while Christmas shopping. All dialogue and gestures are pretty much verbatim, believe it or not! Haha.

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25 Responses to “A Gay Ol’ Christmas Story”

  1. djrobbiemartin

    ummm… clearly …
    ummm… clearly this is a gay actor who is practicing his straight role.

  2. noeslomism

    I guess he would …
    I guess he would have been very confortable living in a society where homosexuality is ilegal and gays are in the closet. I’m straight and have no simpathy for this insecure idiots who are unconfortable with people different than themselves.

  3. franknfurter1515

    @jager323 And …
    @jager323 And you’re just looking for a fight. There’s nothing wrong with this guy putting up a video portraying his side of a story that happened to him. I’m not saying this guy is a beacon of tolerance, (and most of what bothers me about this video is his sense of dread that there are people who HIT ON PEOPLE!?) but this is a far cry from the insensitive rhetoric that pushed gay youth to take drastic actions on their own lives. This is not Jerry Falwell & his right wing goons.

  4. jager323

    @DynapubsA you are …
    @DynapubsA you are a self hating gay if you think this video is acceptable, the stereotyping of gays that he acts out is disturbing. this is the reason so many gay youths are being bullied and killing themselves, i hope that you can see that one day.

  5. jager323

    just because you …
    just because you say you’re not homophobic does not make it true. I’m pretty sure none of this really happened, and you’re just making, what you think to be, a funny video for youtube, but it videos like these that are the reason so many kids are being bullied and killing themselves, your stereotype of gays is gross, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  6. GeoffSJG

    I like when people …
    I like when people say “I have gay friends” and assume that this automatically makes them not homophobic.

  7. rickywilks1

    Oh, man… could my …
    Oh, man… could my fellow homo’s who are ragging on him, please shut the up. If you would have wanted to hang out with someone who was that aggressive and socially awkward, that’s certainly your business. But, “Jimmy” obviously has no concept of “no means no” and hanging out with him would have just escalated things. It was much better to cut and run — and he put up with it a lot longer than I would have (and was about 20 times nicer than I would have been too).

  8. Lindsjeeee

    Hahaha you’re still …
    Hahaha you’re still so awesome Alex! Next time take me with you for Xmas shopping, won’t have that problem. :)

  9. yesilala07

    Wow. Haha! This …
    Wow. Haha! This Video Had me Laghing! Alex, You Cane Be An Actor ! lol Well Funny Vid. Hahah And I Member you told us you dont like people up ur personal space. lol Lmao

  10. eddiesocket

    I would …

    I would say it’s quite uncommon for someone to act as the guy in this anecdote did. The odds of it being the first time he ever hit on someone are very low. At the very least, wouldn’t you agree that it’s hardly “homophobic” for Alex to not want to be friends with a stranger he met at the mall? What if Alex was a lesbian and she told a story about how a straight guy kept hitting on her over and over and asked for her number and email address? Would she be in the wrong to ignore him?

  11. jjaapp18

    @eddiesocket No, I …
    @eddiesocket No, I give people second chances. Maybe that gay guy was shy and didn’t know how to handle a social confrontation. Perhaps Alex was just witness to their first try. Haven’t you ever been embarrassed to do something and when you push yourself to do it and you mess up, you just don’t know how to stop? It’s very common, so I dont think you should hold them accountable.

  12. ActionAm7

    wow but too bad the …
    wow but too bad the guy was so stereotypical. But hes a guy and guys dont take no for an answer so easily and you are not ony cute but you are entertaining to watch– your discomfort probably added to that! What would the gay gay’s version of this exhange be I wonder?

    By the way I had something similar happened to me this past week– the guy even asked me if I was “top or bottom or do you like face to face” eek LOL

  13. eddiesocket

    I can …

    I can only imagine how sad your life must be.

  14. lmat123

    @eddiesocket …
    @eddiesocket Minstrelizing, an actual sociological term, can be when a ‘normal’ acts out the ‘bad’ or ‘irregular’ qualities of a deviant group to depict their clownish role in society. In this video, it would be the airy, feminine voice and the loose body language. Whether it was how the´╗┐ other man was ‘acting’ in this man’s eyes is rather irrelevant considering this is not completely unlike doing black face.

  15. WillowandLillith

    LOL. Yeah, so I’m …
    LOL. Yeah, so I’m gay too, and I find this story quite funny! Personally I think you should have been a little more aggressive. Not in the physical sense but the verbal. Some people in our community are SUPER clueless, and don’t know when to stop. STRAIGHT MEN ARE STRAIGHT! HAHAHA what are they really going to do for you in the long run? LMFAO! Merry Christmas dudeman! Thanks for the laugh!

  16. eddiesocket


    So if …

    So if some random stranger aggressively and rudely hits on you, even after you’ve made it clear you’re not interested, you would hang out with that person? Why? Don’t you have any standards for the kind of people you hang out with?

  17. eddiesocket

    Uh…how …

    Uh…how did he “minstrelize” the gay community?

  18. bambamyeye

    you cant blame him, …
    you cant blame him, you turned me gay too!

  19. bambamyeye

    You can blame him, …
    You can blame him, you turned me gay too!

  20. babooshky

    “make me feel the …
    “make me feel the most unconfortable feeling i’ve ever felt”

    u’re not fooling anyone… I know u love that moment.

  21. ant856

    Umm, MAD CUTE! Can …
    Umm, MAD CUTE! Can I get ur number? :-)

  22. jimisru

    if that’s the most …
    if that’s the most uncomfortable you’ve ever felt, then duh, y ou are gay.

    If a man were to use the exact pickup on a woman, it would be considered normal.

  23. argentosurfer


  24. lancecowboy

    LOL You were way …
    LOL You were way too nice to the drunk poor slob feeling lonely during the Christmas holiday. Sometimes you just got to be cruel to be kind. LOL

    Yes, you handled it well, but why feel uncomfortable (other than the persistent drunken attempt to get your number)? Just pity the poor guy and enjoy the flattery.

    By the way, it has nothing to do with gay or straight. Pretend the person is a drunk teenage girl and the story is just as funny. Then again, if she were half way decent … :-D Merry Xmas!

  25. LuvLatins

    You may not know it …
    You may not know it yet and this may come as a shock but you are GAY

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