Christmas Story

A Letterland Christmas Story (DVD)

September 23rd, 2010

Christmas Story (DVD)
The Letterland characters are gathering for a party and each has a job to do. Impy Ink is in charge of invitations, Eddy Elephant will organise the entertainment and Golden Girl is planning the games. But one thing is missing……will Christmas really be Christmas if there isn’t any snow? Meet the Letterland characters and join the anticipation in this delightful seasonal tale.

Duration : 0:2:24

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12 Responses to “A Letterland Christmas Story (DVD)”

  1. bethaanxherb

    OMG. i used to LOVE …
    OMG. i used to LOVE this. i dressed at golden g for book day when i was in reception XD

  2. mcvieandrew

    This taught me my …
    This taught me my ABC’s

  3. missyg453

    I love this.
    I love this.

  4. flobbegusted

    My goodness this …
    My goodness this taught me to write!

  5. chelseadayne

    omg i remember this …
    omg i remember this from wen i was little lol

    still mint lyk x

  6. DavidTennantObsesser

    Lol, I remember …
    Lol, I remember these from primary school. Trippy.

  7. kateeretryinmybest

    (: I use to watch …
    (: I use to watch this when i was like 4 …. and i still love Letterland now ha (:

  8. xXxNIKKI06xXx

    i loooved this we …
    i loooved this we had to watch it in school

  9. lamplight5

    i lov e this …
    i lov e this programme good times :D

  10. THUNDER1098


  11. xela12345

    I need to make …
    I need to make fanart of this series…I just HAVE TO T^T

  12. bubblegumchoo

    aww i remembered …
    aww i remembered this randomly today, used to watch it every christmas when i was a kid :)

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