Christmas Story

A Mad Russian’s Christmas

October 29th, 2010

Christmas lights synchronized to Trans-Siberian Orchestra A Mad Russian’s Christmas – A short edited version.

Duration : 0:1:35

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20 Responses to “A Mad Russian’s Christmas”

  1. DiiDee66


  2. kramerkid93

    Is this in Oregon?
    Is this in Oregon?

  3. sheilatx

    their music always …
    their music always makes me cry. it’s so beautiful

  4. bongmail

    Does anyone know …
    Does anyone know from which composition by Tchaikovsky did TSO take this piece? Thanks

  5. manetuck

    Is this the house …
    Is this the house from the Miller Lite commercial a few years back?

  6. DefendingMormonism

    Very cool.
    Very cool.

  7. TheSlyther

    for something like …
    for something like this you have to buy a special program. I have one of the boxes you are talking about and it’s ok, but it can’t do this.

  8. tblizotte

    Hahaha…Yeah, …
    Hahaha…Yeah, right…Good luck with that. ;-)

  9. synysterXsteve

    ive seen in a lowes …
    ive seen in a lowes something that u hook up to specific lights and all and it makes them go on/off to music. u can probably by something somewhere for this.

  10. OzFreak22

    I love the big tree …
    I love the big tree! So pretty!

  11. TheSlyther

    I’m working towards …
    I’m working towards this type of setup someday

  12. lor41558

    Biology1, It’s …
    Biology1, It’s expensive. My DH just bought the computerized parts. But there’s also lots of lights & time. TigerBoil is right too, you need a computer, lol.
    pottsbgstv, They probably made it short cuz they only wanted to do it to the slow part of the tune.

  13. TigerBoiLSU1

    i apologize after …
    i apologize after reading the comments before these maybe it does take more than a computer genious lol my fault…but i DID say probably

  14. TigerBoiLSU1

    its actually all …
    its actually all done probably by one computer similar to the one you are looking at…well maybe not the monitor but you understand and the most expense probably went to purchasing the lights themselves

  15. pottsbgstv

    Why so short?
    Why so short?

  16. flamerail

    Alot… Theres alot …
    Alot… Theres alot of equipment to controll the fading.

  17. inseparable9345

    wow thats crazy!
    wow thats crazy!

  18. Biology1

    That is crazy – how …
    That is crazy – how much does that stuff cost?

  19. tblizotte

    Thank you so …

    Thank you so much! I was just checking your out as well. Very nicely done! We have 184 channels however we are only using 145 of them. There are 450 lights of each color on each of the columns.
    Merry Christmas!

  20. Ericscottp

    This is fantastic, …
    This is fantastic, coming from a another synchronizer.
    How many channels, also curious of how many lights on each column.

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