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25 Responses to “A sexy Christmas XMAS card for you.”

  1. jitsugun

    Yay fireplace …
    Yay fireplace channel

  2. Solarcoreg

    Feliz Natal!
    Feliz Natal!

  3. onlyiknow1

    lol yeah I don’t …
    lol yeah I don’t have a fireplace so I had to make one lol

  4. 06wallythaman90

    LOL!! That fire is …
    LOL!! That fire is on the tv

  5. DonnyPapermaker

    hahaha thanks fo’ …
    hahaha thanks fo’ the teetays brutha!

  6. ErockWErock

    Kwanzaa isn’t a …
    Kwanzaa isn’t a holiday it was just made up by some college professor who wanted to make an African holiday tradition.

  7. onlyiknow1

    I will add it now. …
    I will add it now. lol Thanks for the reminder

  8. DonnyPapermaker

    You forgot Kwanzaa …
    You forgot Kwanzaa ….I celebrate Kwanzaa… can’t believe you left out Kwanzaa. Cool titties though, thanks.

  9. onlyiknow1

    Thanks bro. I try …
    Thanks bro. I try to keep it real like a crip in LA…lmfao

  10. gund3rt

    okay… might be …
    okay… might be random but i checked out Chi City’s video about youtube money making type deal… and sxephil follows it to the t. it’s so bullshit now that i’ve seen it exposed. Matt man… you’ve been keeping it real the entire time. sxephil is just taking space in my “You Subscriptions” box. Merry Christmas dude have a good one and if people hate on you just understand that they don’t know. cheers.

  11. onlyiknow1

    TY! Same to you
    TY! Same to you

  12. onlyiknow1

    I was thinking the …
    I was thinking the same lol

  13. onlyiknow1

    I know! The sun is …
    I know! The sun is just not reliable!! lol

  14. onlyiknow1


  15. onlyiknow1


  16. onlyiknow1

    Ty same to you!
    Ty same to you!

  17. onlyiknow1


  18. madmave1221

    man can i get that …
    man can i get that girls tits for xmas? i just want to motor boat em

  19. XRhia08X

    Aww great video …
    Aww great video Matt!

    Merry Christmas to you too! I wish you all the best =D

  20. drin2014

    ya need some more …
    ya need some more lighting

  21. phinexin

    Merry Christmas to …
    Merry Christmas to you too, Home Dawg!

  22. MamiiYankee

    Lol thanks! Merry …
    Lol thanks! Merry Christmas to you too!

  23. Gilthir

    merry Xmas matt!
    merry Xmas matt!

  24. TheXpected2

    guys had a way …
    guys had a way better card.

  25. tomthemarine84

    you are the best …
    you are the best haha. merry christmas to you too.

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