Christmas Story

A Sierra Christmas story

March 28th, 2011

A Sierra Christmas story

by LateBlt

Roger Wilco was captain of the spaceship and cleaning tool Eureka but also paceful and quiet man who did not like to start trouble or things. Until one day he was cleaning plannets with his spacship and noticed a can of something which was yellowy and sticky stuff on the ground. So he piced it up and noticed that it said WARNING DONT TOUCH THIS CAN OR THE SUBSTANSE INSIDE BECASE IT WILL TURN YOU INTO MUTANT MONSTER so Roger Wilco said “oh no, I have touched this can and soon now I will turn into mutant as well”

Roger Wilco was really scared and also worried and wasnt sure what to do so he ran around a lot because he was worried about the mutating can that he had droped back on the ground. So after running around for a while he heard a voice telling him that someone knew a magical wizard who could save him and Roger Wilco turned around and saw King Graham standing there with a delicus looking fruit in his hand and said “King Graham what are you doing here?” and King Graham said “I am here to save you Roger Wilco who has touched a mutating can and will soon die unles I help” and Roger Wilco was glad that King Graham was there to help him.

“Please King Graham I dont know how you can help because you are from Davntry kingdom which dosnt have biotecnology to heal people with mutant problems” Roger Wilco said because he wasnt sure. But King Graham said “dont worry Roger Wilco I know someone who can help, first eat this fruit” and gave the red fruit to Roger Wilco who ate it and said “What IS that?!” and King Graham said “It is fruit my daughter Rosella brought from land of Tamir which will heal you for a while but for permanet solution we have to go see the wizard Crispin” so they sprinkld some fairy dust and flew away but Cedric staid behind and said “ooo ill wait for you here Roger.”

Roger Wilco and King Graham too flew really really fast to Cedrics house because they had to get to there before the fairy dust wore off or else Roger Wilco would fall to the ground and die much faster. When they got to Cripin’s house the old wizard was standing outside and said “Im gald you came here Roger Wilco we don’t have much time, please step inside my office immediately” so they wet inside and Crispin started reading through an old spellbook and cast a really old and magical spell which cured Roger Wilco itstantly. And then Roger Wilco was happy but King Graham said “LOOK OUT ROGER!” and Roger Wilco turned around and saw mutated Captain Qurk who was behind him and shotting at them with a laser gun. So Roger Wilco kicked the smelly mutant and the mutant fell apart and died because his skin wasnt strong after mutation.

“You have saved my life right after I saved yours” the wizad Crispin said “and thank you Roger Wilco, today is a very special Christmas” and Roger Wilco ddint know what Christmas was and said “we dont have this holiday on Xenon where I am from” and King Graham said “thats okay it is still special holiday and today is a miracle because Roger Wilco has been saved from the yellow mutating gooey things” and Roger Wilco flew home to clean more trash so they were all happy then.


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25 Responses to “A Sierra Christmas story”

  1. SchlossRitter

    Don’t touch that! …
    Don’t touch that! We don’t know where you’ve been.

    I’ve gotten so used to translating people’s posts from Idiot to English that I didn’t even notice many of the spelling and grammar errors when I read the description before listening to your narration. Shame on me, for I can at times be somewhat of a grammar Nazi.

  2. feslenraster

    shotting? :=)
    shotting? :=)

  3. usagichan9991

    So agreed, I 5 …
    So agreed, I 5 star’d this video just because of that fact.

  4. KieranL90

    I can’t imagine …
    I can’t imagine snow on Christmas :/

  5. huaxiong90

    You sure nailed …
    You sure nailed down Cedric’s voice, haha. Good stuff. You’d make a good radio host.

  6. turtlecatpurrz

    That’s so great …
    That’s so great that you listen to Old Time Radio at Christmas. I love that stuff. Also, very amusing video.

  7. AgentSmithClan

    Wow! Nice Cedric …
    Wow! Nice Cedric impersonation!

    Nice to hear someone else who isn’t over 65 that has enjoyed classic radio. I really enjoy The Shadow, although Suspense is still my favorite. I still listen to it at nights whenever a station around here airs them, or else I listen to them online.

    Nice video.

  8. LateBlt

    Oh, I am proud of …
    Oh, I am proud of it, fo shizzle.

  9. TomSFox

    I don’t know …
    I don’t know whether this is something to be proud of, though.

  10. koobert

    Or Australians.
    Or Australians.

  11. LateBlt

    Better not… …
    Better not… Someone might find the idea of linear time flow (which is implied by the passing of the seasons) offensive. I wouldn’t want to upset non-spacetimeists who believe that there is no actual passing of time or movement of matter.

  12. koobert

    What if someone …
    What if someone finds the concept of joy offensive? Really, the only thing you should shout at someone is “THIS IS WINTER!” as you pass down the street.

  13. LateBlt

    Regrettably, I am …
    Regrettably, I am no good at visual arts at all. Any kind of attempts at making pictures or a video to go along with this would have been hopeless.

  14. LateBlt

    Thanks. :)
    Thanks. :)

  15. LateBlt


  16. hercrabbiness

    So captivating!! I …
    So captivating!! I has the teers streamimg down my face!

  17. 2ramonsalazar2

    your really good at …
    your really good at naration.

  18. OOcloud36

    whoops. Didn’t mean …
    whoops. Didn’t mean to hint post yet. :P

    Anyway, nice work as always. Quite trippy :P But entertaining, nonetheless. :)

  19. OOcloud36

    :D I love The …
    :D I love The Shadow!! My dad would listen to that with me all the time. :)

  20. Eviofroblox

    Merry Christmas!
    Merry Christmas!

  21. Crowley9

    Good stuff. I was …
    Good stuff. I was hoping for some kind of slideshow to go with this. Maybe I’ll make one myself…

  22. TomSFox

    Haha, you do …
    Haha, you do Cedric’s voice perfectly!

  23. bryandawkins

    Good Radio play, …
    Good Radio play, certainly expands the horizons of the web.I celebrate 25, so hope have a good 25. And hey, you bum no self deprecation your websodes are worth watching unlike television.

  24. koobert

    That was poetry in …
    That was poetry in motion. Except with no motion. So, really, just poetry! I think in order to avoid hurting the feelings of anyone vis a vis religion, you should just start shouting “WINTER!” at people as a warm greeting.

  25. VigorBalloon

    I like how Kwanzaa …
    I like how Kwanzaa and Hannukkah are separate from holidays.

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