Christmas Story

Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin
Played by the Bob Crosby Orchestra in blackface at the Holiday Inn
Sung on Lincoln’s birthday by Bing Crosby, Martha Mears (dubbing Marjorie Reynolds) in blackface,
chorus and Louise Beavers with Shelby Bacon and Joan Arnold

Duration : 0:3:4

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25 Responses to “Abraham – Bing Crosby in Holiday Inn 1942”

  1. flowerbell99

    I love this movie …
    I love this movie but dont really like this scence

  2. TheLadyLingAD

    Yes, this …
    Yes, this performance is racist, but at least most of us can agree that as a society we have advanced light years beyond blackface. What is sad to me is that to this day, we still revere Lincoln as the man who freed the slaves. He and his Emancipation Proclamation did no such thing. He declared slaves free in states already in rebellion, but did nothing for the slaves in the border states. The man never put his money where his mouth was and I can’t understand why this fact is always overlooked.

  3. bmh4d0k3n

    @EwoktheMoid You …
    @EwoktheMoid You hit the nail on the head. It was more a sign of white people congratulating themselves for being so “understanding.”

  4. InkyRed

    This is an …
    This is an excellent movie!

  5. dahsuerk

    Watched “Holiday …
    Watched “Holiday Inn” on AMC this week and this seen was “censored” out. AMC show all those gruesome deaths in “the Walking Dead”, but afraid to show the “black face”. Will they ever show the “Jazz Singer”?

  6. EwoktheMoid

    A line like “scenes …
    A line like “scenes like these were the first steps towards understanding between the races” could only be spoken be A) a white person B) who does not understand the history of blackface performance, which was explicit mockery of blacks based on received stereotypes and the perceived absurdity of a “civilized” black man (e.g., the Zip Coon character). Educate yo’self.

  7. MHDvMHDv

    We need to also …
    We need to also remember that we are less educated these days. Our universities, schools, and media do not qualify us to comment or understand what was occurring here. As a side note, the Civil War was fought for economic reasons, not to free the slaves. After the black people entered the work force in the northern cities, we all became wage slaves.

  8. gloogun08

    “In 1942, yes this …
    “In 1942, yes this was okay. It was a tribute to the struggles of the black culture and to Abraham Lincoln. I remember watching this movie on TV in the 50′s and my favorites were those two adorable little children. This was no spoof! It was their earliest attempts to try to identify with the black culture. Change happens gradually, keep that in mind. Scenes like these were the first steps towards understanding between the races. Nobody should be offended by this. I’m sorry if you are.”


  9. gloogun08

    @jdooley436 sheesh? …
    @jdooley436 sheesh? are you 4 years old?

  10. Diosprometheus

    I saw this on …
    I saw this on ThisTV where the PC police removed this part of the movie ruining one of Louis Beaver’s few opportunities to show her great singing voice. Like it or not this is part of the movie and is part of the history of films. Bing Crosby was not a racist and did much to promote black entertainers such as Louis Armstrong and Nate Kind Cole in his movies and on radio program and his TV shows at time when it was not popular to go against the Jim Crow system especially in the South.

  11. jdooley436

    And those people …
    And those people who see nothing wrong with this get so upset about a war on Xmas… Sheesh!

  12. snufpark

    I find Louise …
    I find Louise Beavers’ line (that is, the line she was given to sing) “Who was it set the Darkie free?” to be more disturbing than der Bingle made up as one. I don’t know if Crosby ever went on record as to whether he objected to wearing black face He was very vocal about the inconvenience of having his toupee glued on before filming. He contrived to wear a hat on camera as often as he could, and usually got his way.

  13. yonz2nugget

    I hate it when …
    I hate it when people throw out the race card..
    But this is RACIST!! OMG…big white lips and painted black? That’s up…

  14. SpeedRacer1125

    I don’t think its …
    I don’t think its so much racist as its more insensitive and uniformed.

  15. Starks006

    This is a great …
    This is a great movie and this scene should never be excluded from the movie

  16. particle409

    @nerdychick83 You …
    @nerdychick83 You know that he used to beat the out of his kids, right?

  17. plaparen


    Sorry, that does make him racist. That’s hardly something you cn fault him for, that’s just how it was back then.

    But this is racist.

    So very, very racist.

  18. nerdychick83

    Bing Crosby was not …
    Bing Crosby was not racist! He was very good friends with louie armstrong, and they used to tour and did some recordings together.Regarding black face routines this one is very mild, and I think in a very backwards way I think they were trying to be respectful…still makes me cringe

  19. nerdychick83

    I know blackface …
    I know blackface routines were very popular back then, but this still makes me cringe.Its still a cute movie besides.

  20. tyranitartamer

    Catchy song, black …
    Catchy song, black face wasn’t nessecary though..

  21. dralockhart

    @NSgreenRegime Um, …
    @NSgreenRegime Um, no–no they aren’t. I think the bigoted racists are ones who make sweeping generalizations about entire groups of people, especially while being as wildly uninformed about them as you are. I’m sorry you’re mentally unbalanced and need a scapegoat and I pity Jewish people that they’re one of the many minority groups you likely use as that scapegoat.

  22. NSgreenRegime

    @dralockhart By …
    @dralockhart By supporting Jewry you’re the bigotted racist, not me, I vehemently oppose usury and slavery, yet these things are the keynote of their religious creed.

  23. dralockhart

    @NSgreenRegime I …
    @NSgreenRegime I always talk down to bigots with mental imbalances who make unfounded generalizations about minority groups and who look for scapegoats to exercise their surplus of hatred/anger upon.

  24. NSgreenRegime

    @dralockhart But …
    @dralockhart But it’s an accurate term. Jews control the mainstream media, a fact that’s as obvious – given the information – as it is incontrovertable in an argument against it. You should trust Aryans, we don’t lie and thus sometimes come across as mean. Jews present themselves to be innocence itself, and their “evil” surfaces when one questions them, and the power they deny is displayed as people’s jobs and reputation is wholly in the hands of Jewish authority. Don’t talk down to me.

  25. dralockhart

    @NSgreenRegime Wow, …
    @NSgreenRegime Wow, who do I not trust for information regarding prejudice and discrimination? Perhaps someone who uses the term “JewMedia.” I guess it’s easy to hate on anyone different from you when you’re anonymous on Youtube.

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