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[BlackTree TV - Los Angeles] Hugh Laurie, best known for his recurring role on ‘House’, shares his voice for this one of a kind Christmas tale that is sure to bring some holiday cheer to audiences worldwide. In this 1-on-1 interview, Jamaal Finkley sits down with Mr. Laurie to talk about the true meaning of Christmas, what makes ‘Arthur Christmas’ different than other Christmas tales and what is this we are hearing about Hugh Laurie’s music career?

Imagine a city under a starlit sky. It’s Christmas Eve, and the children are nestled in their beds, dreaming of Santa on his sleigh pulled by eight beautiful reindeer. Suddenly, a shadow comes over the city. A million pinpricks of light. A million figures descend. The invasion has begun and there’s not a jingle bell to be heard…

…but don’t panic. This is how Santa gets the job done every Christmas: with a huge, mile-wide, state-of-the-art sleigh with stealth cloaking technology, and a million elves, working in precision teams of three, who have 18.14 seconds to get into each house, deliver the presents, and move on to the next one.

Santa Claus is coming to town, but this time, he’s not coming down the chimney.

“They have all the technology in the world and no expense is spared,” says Sarah Smith, who directs and co-wrote Arthur Christmas, the new 3D, CG-animated film from Aardman for Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation. “This movie reveals what their equipment looks like and how they do it.”

Steve (Hugh Laurie)
“Christmas isn’t a time for emotion.” Santa’s oldest son Steve is the hereditary heir to the Claus reign. He’s extremely qualified for the job, having introduced high-tech efficiency, military-style precision and the S-1: a mile-wide, invisible sleighship. Steve has dreamed of being Santa all his life; he’s even redesigned the Santa suit into something more akin to Versace than Saint Nick. But Steve might still have a little catching up to do in the heart department.

“For Steve, running Christmas is the biggest challenge he …

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  1. S0ul986

    This guys is my …
    This guys is my hero. Respect!!!

  2. KKKSS67

    I’m a Finn and I …
    I’m a Finn and I don’t give a flying reindeer if Santa was from north pole or south africa, but that flag of SOVIET UNION there, WTF?

  3. theghost7211

    thanks a lot it’s …
    thanks a lot it’s obvious that it’s very good movie
    and I’m one of Laurie’s biggest fans

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