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Justin Bieber’s new music video for his song Santa Clause Is Coming To Town will be shown in the new movie Arthur Christmas in cinemas 25th of November 2011.

Duration : 0:0:31

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17 Responses to “Arthur Christmas movie ft. Justin Bieber Santa Clause Is Coming To Town”

  1. JesusFreal112

    Omg i love him!:)
    Omg i love him!:)

  2. mypurpleninjaxx

    the same thing …
    the same thing happened to me:L

  3. FilmTes

    make sure you go to …
    make sure you go to the toilet before the movie :P

  4. marisolvm123

    ajaja el canta esa …
    ajaja el canta esa music
    ahora me voi al cine a escucharlla

  5. xXDaphnee100Xx

    I love Arthur …
    I love Arthur Christmas <3

  6. alexistheawsome1

    When I went to see …
    When I went to see it.The song came on and I start danceing everybody was like.WTF!

  7. jessiegirl10519

    i was SOOO close to …
    i was SOOO close to watching it with my friends but we ended up watching Hugo… but im in Canada and im pretty sure Justin is going to be in it cuz at the side of the poster for Arthur Christmas, it said “With Justin Bieber’ s New Song!” or somthin like that

  8. DavidGBrowning

    haha that’s …
    haha that’s incredibly cute to say :) btw I went to see the film but no Justin!? :( I live in the UK, maybe that’s it but was so crap although the film was still good!

  9. jessiegirl10519

    okay, well that too …
    okay, well that too…btw i cant be trippin since im sitting down ;)

  10. tannermoneto

    i love him and his …
    i love him and his music!

  11. DavidGBrowning

    you trippin?? the …
    you trippin?? the film looks awesome!!

  12. charlibmeeganxx

    i. am. so. …
    i. am. so. dissapointed. i went to watch thos on the 16th with my friend and i needed the toilet the whole way through but didnt want to go incase i missed the premire and i sat for nearly 2hrs with her prodding my stomache and NOW i find out the video premires on the 23RD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not very happy at all ! im gonna have to go see it again :L

  13. jessiegirl10519

    Justin is the only …
    Justin is the only reason why I want to watch this -3

  14. VatyDiaz

    I will go see the …
    I will go see the movie, just to listen to bieber

  15. VatyDiaz


  16. ForeverChustin


  17. JustinaUrretsZavalia

    first …
    first cpmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeent! lalalala i lov him so much

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