Christmas Story

Film critic Chris Stuckmann reviews Arthur Christmas, starring James McAvoy, Hugh Laurie, Jim Broadbent, Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton and Ashley Jensen. Directed by Sarah Smith.




Duration : 0:4:16

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25 Responses to “Arthur Christmas – Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann”

  1. Mcdovin1

    @ChrisStuckmann Add …
    @ChrisStuckmann Add JeremyJahns and your’s and that’s how I base my judgement on a film. Well done, I plan to see this when I can.

  2. Mcdovin1

    @yoyohaness Add …
    @yoyohaness Add JeremyJahns and your’s and that’s how I base my judgement on a film. Well done, I plan to see this when I can.

  3. MNMreviews

    I didn’t think it …
    I didn’t think it was bad, I just don’t see it as a holiday classic that I’ll be dying to watch every year.

  4. leeloo1967

    ~Brits arent trying …
    ~Brits arent trying to be funny…they just are funny~
    ~Awesome review Chris~I love British humour so I cant wait to see this~

  5. Kennedy640

    Why did my dad …
    Why did my dad hate this?!

  6. guitarkees17

    Love your shirt …
    Love your shirt Chris!

  7. jungsbodyguard

    @FlyingFocs To be …
    @FlyingFocs To be honest, I think that might have more to do with family guy, than American humour in general!

    I’m British and love our classic comedies but there are plenty of terrible ones here too. Luckily they just aren’t good enough to make it over to you guys, in the states. I love some American comedy. Curb your Enthusiasm is one example. But I agree, family guy is just awful.

  8. Hectorferjr2

    Great review Chris.
    Great review Chris.

  9. Hectorferjr2

    Hey I liked Cars 2 …
    Hey I liked Cars 2 and Happy Feet Two.

  10. GovernerOfBurningHam

    you are one of the …
    you are one of the best reviewers on youtube… but u should thank mr chatalbash that I found ur channel! Great job

  11. BlazeTheMovieFan

    Thanks for …
    Thanks for convincing me, man. I will see this movie.

  12. RECrazyyy

    how come you …
    how come you haven’t reviewed Harold and Kumar?

  13. jedibugmaster23

    lmao the sound you …
    lmao the sound you made after saying cars 2 , crazy lol

  14. ChrisStuckmann

    @yoyohaness That’s …
    @yoyohaness That’s so awesome of you! Thank you!

  15. yoyohaness

    I honestly use …
    I honestly use your reviews to determine if I’m going to watch a movie. I don’t bother with other sites, just your videos.

  16. DNArington

    You should talk …
    You should talk about the new, full-length trailer for Pixar’s new movie Brave

  17. FlyingFocs

    “What it is about …
    “What it is about British humor that’s better than ours?”

    Indeed. Like for myself, I can watch an episode of Family GUy and Tosh.0, nothing. Not a laugh.

    Monty Pythons sketches and The Holy Grail, my laugh every time.

  18. holybovine

    @Reborn8303 no…. …
    @Reborn8303 no….no….NOOOO!!!!

  19. Reborn8303

    are you ready for …
    are you ready for Twilight ? 

  20. crystalbow16

    chirs idk why but u …
    chirs idk why but u and ur videos never i mean ever apear in my subbox

  21. TheRangelKid

    i wanna drink hot …
    i wanna drink hot coco next to the fire!

  22. MegaMovieMind

    @ChrisStuckmann A …
    @ChrisStuckmann A lot of good movies in one day, I am guessing this is you preparing for IT.

  23. abcldeefcghcake

    @flapperdoodle I …
    @flapperdoodle I was gonna say the same thing XDD

  24. flapperdoodle

    1:31 you forgot to …
    1:31 you forgot to mention The Smu–

    *gets slapped in the face*

    OK… I deserved that…

  25. Hummingbirder1

    This seems like a …
    This seems like a film for me! Not a cute penguin in sight, eh? Good review! I’m not a big fan of winter either, but what can I do, living as close to the north pole as I do… Hot chocolate sounds like a good option for the moment.

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