Christmas Story

The Music Video for Arthur Christmas of Justin Bieber! Watch now…
Arthur Christmas now in all Belgian theaters!

Duration : 0:2:54

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7 Responses to “Arthur Christmas Music Video of Justin Bieber!”

  1. elisabetjg98

    I love Justin …
    I love Justin Bieber <3

  2. gabrielcloud97

    @lilmochieater1 so …
    @lilmochieater1 so true even tho I’m 12 myself and my friends loved this movie

  3. lilmochieater1

    It was even more …
    It was even more amazing on the big screen! I like the Asian girls arm tricks!

  4. zitaloveyou1

    Wow 5th one who …
    Wow 5th one who puts a reaction here and 11th one who like and the 596 viewer = JB -forever !!

  5. xSunglassesxxx

    His hair :)
    His hair :)

  6. cowan1377

    who knew elves …
    who knew elves could get down!

  7. 9375Anna

    First comment…I …
    First comment…I love his hair in this! :D

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