Christmas Story

The Schmoes head north to see how Santa gets all those presents out with “Arthur Christmas”…would our heroes find a brand new holiday classic or a lump of coal? Enjoy!

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Duration : 0:5:44

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24 Responses to “Arthur Christmas Review (funny movie review)”

  1. Army1601

    Absolutely Awesome …
    Absolutely Awesome movie! Absolutely agree! Has to be my new favorite Xmas movie of all time!

  2. captcrais101

    great movie. The …
    great movie. The only thing I hate is the Justin Bieber video

  3. GeminiNinja530

    i really wanted to …
    i really wanted to see this movie…but all my friends hates kids stuff like that.. They obviously have no souls

  4. FlippedChik628

    I LOVED THIS MOVIE. Absolutely amazing. :) I actually thought it was going to be awful when I saw the first teaser trailer, but after a while, I thought I’d give it a shot, and I’m very glad I did. I totally agree with Kristian – I give it 5/5. Totally worth it. <3

  5. aragon131

    I didn’t love this …
    I didn’t love this movie as much as you two but I did laugh out loud a bunch of times. Thanks for teh reccommendation.

  6. Brighteyeslonglashes

    Do I need to have …
    Do I need to have words again because of the accent???

  7. tigggy123

    Three pieces of …
    Three pieces of sticky tape! Three! :D

  8. wirghtm1

    I think this has …
    I think this has got to win best animation, me thinks

  9. TheNoodle97

    congrats on the …
    congrats on the baby man. thats great news

  10. PeerlessKid

    Loving the Doctor …
    Loving the Doctor Pooh tshirt!

  11. Moonburst12

    This movie was …
    This movie was freaking adorable, was not expecting to like it THIS much even though I already have reasonably high expectations from Aardman and Sony Animation because of past projects. In all honesty I would rather see this again over The Muppets, which was equally awesome, but had missed potential.

  12. hunter12555

    I hate to comment …
    I hate to comment 2 times on a video. But do y’all think 1/4 of the movie is a rip of of prep and landing. Anyone elves comment to

  13. thissucks58

    i thought from the …
    i thought from the trailer this was going to be a generic cheesy kids movie but everyones been giving it good reviews so ill probably check it out.

  14. MattEarlPhelps

    I loved Bill Nighy …
    I loved Bill Nighy in Love Actually. He was the only good thing in that movie.

    Congrats on the baby.

  15. wmontano8

    and Harloff, …
    and Harloff, congrats on your soon to be baby bro :) 

  16. wmontano8

    great vid guy, …
    great vid guy, holly crap you guys liked it more than the muppets, now im interested :) , keep it up

    your boy, Will

  17. mrcoolj81

    Bill Nighy also …
    Bill Nighy also played the snake in Rango


    Wooooooooow! I did …
    Wooooooooow! I did not expect this raving review. I saw it this morning and as much as it made me laugh and I cared for the characters, the movie felt around 15-20 minutes long, some of the jokes fell flat for me, and I don’t see how this movie needed the big screen treatment. It’s a nice film, though and I do recommend it. However, I’d rather pick The Muppets as the family film of the week.

  19. jbweis515

    First time I’ve …
    First time I’ve disagreed with you guys. With all due respect, this movie should be lucky to get 3 stars. Bad characters except old Santa and Ms. Clause, needed more of the ms’s. Ur kids birth possibly influenced. Hugo way better across the board. One bad review…you’re already forgiven.

  20. TheDisneyDelights

    lol im so ready to …
    lol im so ready to see it now:)

  21. BlazeTheMovieFan

    I can’t …
    I can’t wait to see it.

  22. TheTdawg117

    @schmoesknow now …
    @schmoesknow now i’m talking to you Kristen how could you give this a 5/5 I mean giving it a 5/5 is saying it is in the same class as toy story 3 or walle which is crazy because arther christmas was ok I saw it I agree with mark but it was no where near toy story 3. I mean arther christmas would make you laugh a couple of times but with toy story 3 or wallE you felt something you didn’t just laugh you cried because you love these characters are so great5/5 come on kristen

    Ps, You guys rock on 2

  23. kaosgoblin

    MARK I WANT THAT SHIRT!!! Sorry for the caps, that shirt just made me scream with laughter.

  24. schmoesknow

    Ps, I understand …
    Ps, I understand that he was from some neighborhood, the delivery in my opinion was terrible and cheesy. Glad you enjoyed it though, rock on pal

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