Christmas Story

Genre: animation
Regie / directed by: Barry Cook , Sarah Smith
Darsteller / cast: James McAvoy , Hugh Laurie , Jim Broadbent , Bill Nighy , Imelda Staunton , Ashley Jensen

Kinostart Deutschland: 2011
Kinostart USA: Christmas 2011
offizielle Filmsite: http://

Verwendung mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Sony
used with authorization

Duration : 0:1:27

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24 Responses to “Arthur Christmas | trailer #1 US (2011) Aardman 3D”

  1. PuccaLover15

    I can’t stop …
    I can’t stop laughing when I see this!!!!

  2. foomostnuron1980

    Want To See This …
    Want To See This Awesome Movie in Full? Go

  3. jacklim95

    I love this movie!
    I love this movie!

  4. scottvideos100

    I went to see this …
    I went to see this movie with my partner and her friend at JJ’s ODEN in maidstone in Kent on Friday night, really expensive though £11.20, So if your planning to see this movie in 3D, Be prepare for the massive cost though !! Fantastic film.

  5. sheilzira

    tommorro im gonna …
    tommorro im gonna watch this at movie at school cause at school were going to the moviess

  6. LOLWUT327

    I found myself …
    I found myself saying “Hoop de doop” every 2 minutes yesterday

  7. jfkrakowski

    @megablade3331 me …
    @megablade3331 me too

  8. jfkrakowski

    The elf lied so he …
    The elf lied so he could sneak himself and arthur out from the cameraman

  9. jfkrakowski

    I agree
    I agree

  10. jfkrakowski

    This isn’t even the …
    This isn’t even the real trailer. The real movie is about Arthur going on a quest to deliver a forgotten president with his insane grandfather

  11. jfkrakowski


  12. ballroomblitzkid1994

    The one doing the …
    The one doing the voice of the elf sounds familiar. Who is that?

  13. samss4444

    ARE YOU …
    ARE YOU SERIOUS IF YES WHY ???!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. violetrockstar260

    thumbs up if u saw …
    thumbs up if u saw on one of the ads it said by justin bieber

  15. rattlegirl21

    dear santa so …
    dear santa so cool

  16. themagickid5

    nice vid
    nice vid

  17. jordan1650

    I’d love to see …
    I’d love to see Kathleen Turner give the director of this movie a nice long phone call.

  18. jordan1650

    I’d love it if …
    I’d love it if Kathryn Turner gave the director of this movie a nice phone call.

  19. TikiMast3r

    Awesome movie. Only …
    Awesome movie. Only problem was, Justin Bieber. Ughhh… He ruined the credits :(

  20. Phonejoker

    Of course I did NOT …
    Of course I did NOT just buy tickets for it no,no  :D
    oh and I have not marked the release date with a fat red X in my calendar … xD

  21. IsleBeeBach

    What happened to …
    What happened to Aardman’s plasticine animation? This movie looks funny, but misses the geniality of Chicken Run and Wallace and Gromit.

  22. VongolaAQW223

    @puffpuffdustbunny …
    @puffpuffdustbunny Because of the horribleness of Justin Bieber.

  23. TikiMast3r

    Press 3 for …
    Press 3 for Canadians….. If you know what I mean:)

  24. puffpuffdustbunny

    you can’t resist …
    you can’t resist one song of jb you are a pussy

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