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MsArthurTV’s, Perfect, Christmas, 1Arthur’s Perfect Christmas (1/4)

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24 Responses to “Arthur’s Perfect Christmas (1/4)”

  1. MyEcoFetish

    Where are you from, …
    Where are you from, that it’s illegal? In Canada, and as far as I know the USA, it is not illegal to assign homework over breaks.

  2. rosebudpeabrain

    Not only that, …
    Not only that, it’s illegal for a teacher to assign homework for Christmas break.

  3. MyEcoFetish

    Arthur is in like.. …
    Arthur is in like….3rd grade. why is Ratburn assigning a 5 page essay? :P I’m graduating next year, and I still haven’t had to write a 5 page essay.

  4. MrHollyhorse


  5. MrHollyhorse

    i love the music …
    i love the music at the beginning:)

  6. stephababe2007

    :O 13:34 panda rape …
    :O 13:34 panda rape!! lol i love that song Tina the talking tabby!

  7. sulligirl22

    put my favorite tv …
    put my favorite tv show as a kid and pair it with an amazing holiday and what do you get one of my favorite christmas movies as kid and still to this day and i am 17. Arthur is and will always be a classic.

  8. theawesomegirl123456

    AHH I mean …
    AHH I mean Christmas is my favorite holiday!

  9. theawesomegirl123456

    I am torturing my …
    I am torturing my self… o_e

    Christmas is my favorite show, and Arthur is my favorite Kid TV show.. o.o

  10. luvusuza

    This is the only …
    This is the only good cartoon that is still showing on T.V.!

  11. sarahostervig

    We have Santa …
    We have Santa Lucia here in Denmark too^^

  12. FMOBYoungSloBe

    8jbm,n dtrgfbv …
    8jbm,n dtrgfbv vbytc dytg bvrdf b i

  13. FMOBYoungSloBe

    tbxb x cbvyscgb …
    tbxb x cbvyscgb dhhxbvcxjwgsv scts7cgjs cbnd fcvb vhgcjkdjvcfuyeuftgfv bfdkhhvc jgecf

  14. Smothiegal101

    1. I want to play …
    1. I want to play the piano like Aurthur!
    2. I want Tina the Talking Tabby!!!!!

  15. TheMunchkiin07

    I love this movie! …
    I love this movie! -3333 memories :)

  16. 667neighborofdabeast

    They played it here …
    They played it here in the UK on Christmas morning. I just happened to wake up as it was on tv this year.

  17. 2010Jakeypoo

    God bless you Marc …
    God bless you Marc Brown. Thank you for creating Arthur.

  18. misshannahbanana121

    Haha me too easter …
    Haha me too easter and still watching christmas movies

  19. funslash9

    watching this on …
    watching this on easter….. LIKE A BOSS!

  20. sarah bowron

    not right now …
    not right now beacause it`s april

  21. sarah bowron

    it`s weird …we …
    it`s weird …we had a snow less christmas who agree`s

  22. ksjk123




  23. liljj222a

    My childhood is …
    My childhood is back!!!!

  24. VanillaVickyy

    at the beginning …
    at the beginning its canon in d! love that song

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