Christmas Story

Arthur is trying to make his Christmas perfect, but is struggling with his attempts, while Buster’s mom is trying too hard to make Buster’s Christmas perfect. Meanwhile, Muffy is having a huge Christmas party and Francine can’t come because celebrating Hanukkah with her family is more important to her.

First aired in November 23, 2000.

Duration : 0:53:51

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24 Responses to “Arthur’s Perfect Christmas Full Movie – NO PARTS (2000)”

  1. diblee123

    why didnt they …
    why didnt they show arthurs buttt

  2. TheEd955

    Um Where did you …
    Um Where did you learn that Bomb Diggity

  3. jimjanetlee


  4. o0oseleniteo0o

    brain is biracial, …
    brain is biracial, mom is blonde and i think dads black.

  5. Sarah Angstadt



    i am weird.find the b!

  6. Sarah Angstadt

    francine:its like …
    francine:its like talking to a wall.

    francine looks back.

    she was talking to a wall.


  7. Sarah Angstadt


  8. crazypetshopgirl

    i thought you just …
    i thought you just said you where 15

  9. crazypetshopgirl

    i’m only 8 but im …
    i’m only 8 but im being 9 6th september and maybe if you want could you right on search up there animal jam til styrktar and i’m the one with the pink hair

  10. keikavisshort

    i love how muffy’s …
    i love how muffy’s song is to “beauty school drop out” from grease, aha :)

  11. avalanchesuperstar

    This movie …
    This movie disturbed me as a kid. Like, it seemed really off. The afeel of the movie just felt weird and creepy, not at all like the TV show. Am I the only one that felt this way as a kid?

  12. CHAHAL4138

    old times but …
    old times but still <3 it

  13. zingarzahoy26

    42:56 Tina the …
    42:56 Tina the talking tabby part!

  14. starwarslover015

    no it is celebrated …
    no it is celebrated by jewish people. it is basicly jewish christmas

  15. Andy25741

    im 13 almost 14
    im 13 almost 14

  16. itsalliebench

    This version cut …
    This version cut out the part where Mr. Crosswire brings the Frenskys a ham! :P

  17. eminem2468able

    Man can’t belive i …
    Man can’t belive i first watched this when im 7,now im 19.

  18. Far0nWoods

    My childhood was …
    My childhood was great, I feel bad for this generation who didnt grow up with this.

  19. Myytmovies

    I want Baxter day …
    I want Baxter day to be a national holiday

  20. Liontail100

    Muffy’s dad must …
    Muffy’s dad must make a million or so bucks every DAY if they can afford those kinds of gifts. For a while I thought her dad was someone like Bill Gates because HE could afford a mini submarine, a bunch of video games, a clubhouse, and train with more than one seat and a big caboose. I’m glad she didn’t act really spoiled about it–she thanked her parents, which I was happy about it.

  21. hais2640

    hes a black bear …
    hes a black bear dumbass

  22. crazypetshopgirl

    how old are you now
    how old are you now

  23. pacadermusable

    Brain is african …
    Brain is african american ?

  24. oliveshower

    Now I can’t wait …
    Now I can’t wait for Christmas.

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