Christmas Story

Scene from A Christmas Story in which Ralphie gets his decoder ring — and learns something about the world.

Duration : 0:2:46

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25 Responses to “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine”

  1. SHINE912

    Christmas is not …
    Christmas is not coming fast enough it’s noting like drinking Hot chocolate and watching A Christmas Story on TBS 24 hours. I love this movie.

  2. SamanthaStine2

    Son of a BITCH.
    Son of a BITCH.

  3. johnny2956

    be sure to drink …
    be sure to drink your ovaltine
    son of a bitch

  4. DeanTheSilentOne

    @xXThermobaricXx …
    @xXThermobaricXx Now, while I would tell you my opinion and say that this was a great movie, etc., I’m going to be nice and tell you that there are far worse movies out there than what you consider to be “THE worst”. You want an example? Simple, go see Batman & Robin, and you’ll really see what a bad movie is.

  5. mijnnaamisaaron

    PORTAL 2!!
    PORTAL 2!!

  6. buuski

    Sunova bitch…
    Sunova bitch…

  7. xXThermobaricXx

    @MrDVDReviews wrong …
    @MrDVDReviews wrong i am a dude not a chick well actually i could have been dragged to c it but i wasnt so… ya well i hate this movie i feel like it is awful i also dont like the God Father i peter griffin said i just couldnt get into it

  8. MrDVDReviews

    @xXThermobaricXx …
    @xXThermobaricXx and i assume you like timeless classics like twilight?

  9. xXThermobaricXx

    worst movie of all …
    worst movie of all time

  10. unorignal


  11. watermelondisco

    Pure awesome.
    Pure awesome.

  12. castro90

    Watching this makes …
    Watching this makes it feel like Christmas.

  13. ragespot

    lolol the end is so …
    lolol the end is so funny

  14. waboy23

    This movie is …
    This movie is Classic. :)

  15. NaSMaX

    …followed by ” …
    …followed by “Fuck you, Annie. I’m a nestle quick man!”

  16. whoandtheha

    This is one of the …
    This is one of the funniest, most clever scenes ever. Here’s Ralphie, trying to decipher a secret code, music is reaching a fevered pitch…and Ralphies mom is banging on the door because his brother has to take a shit.
    Sooooooo absurdly funny.

  17. MikuMikuBeat


    A …

    A crumby commercial?

    if it were me I’d be like


  18. MikuMikuBeat

    It’s stil got malt …
    It’s stil got malt in it, normal Chocolate Milk doesn’t have that.

  19. Ritsukei

    Wasn’t it “be sure …
    Wasn’t it “be sure to floss your teeth” though?

  20. RfMasae

    “Ovaltine? o_o A …
    “Ovaltine? o_o A crummy commercial? Son of a B*&*(.” That line got me laughing XD

  21. The6ChickMagnet

    @urultimatemaster …
    @urultimatemaster chocalate milk u dumb bitch

  22. SlashCoolSlash


  23. palexchick226



    Gives a WTF look

    “A crummy commercial? Son of a bitch!”

    CLASSIC! I love this movie.

  24. MrAgentMoo

    Orphan Annie is a …
    Orphan Annie is a ripoff artist

  25. KosmoKramer911

    i always have to …
    i always have to buy ovaltine durring christmas b/c of this


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