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A lot of people think Bing Crosby originally sang his hit “white christmas” in the film white christmas. Actually, he first sang it in “Holiday Inn” originally. This song gives me chills every time I hear it!

Duration : 0:3:7

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17 Responses to “Bing Crosby: White Christmas (Holiday Inn) 1942”

  1. Gamer1192

    @RoadhouseKiss …
    @RoadhouseKiss Don’t worry, you are not going def, when I capture some DVD clips, the volume is low, that is how my device works, but recently I figured out how to turn up volume on video on sony vegas…that was something very easy to figure out but I can be so dumb sometimes! HAHA

  2. wclaurence

    These old black ‘n …
    These old black ‘n whites are great at Christmas time. Holiday Inn, It’s A Wonderful life, Christmas in Connecticut, The Bishop’s Wife, Miracle on 34th Street.

  3. sexysas57

    @crys2002 ur right …
    @crys2002 ur right there. my hubs bought me a signed pic of bing crosby this year for xmas, dont know whether it fake or original, dont care it such a nice pic lol. but he says i can only put it up on the wall if i stop making him watch holiday inn, hahaha, no chance!!! it can go up in my dressing room, he wont have to look at it lol lol.

  4. crys2002

    @sexysas57 I get …
    @sexysas57 I get the same laughs. I tell everyone that no one sings like Bing anymore.

  5. vladimier12345

    she didnt sing it
    she didnt sing it

  6. aimeeadamd

    i just whated it
    i just whated it

  7. unskinnyboba

    One of the best …
    One of the best movies ever

  8. andersonmom4ever1

    I know this movie …
    I know this movie backwards, literally. One of my fav’s along with It’s A Wonderful Life. Very pure and nostlgic. They don’t come like this anymore.

  9. sexysas57

    i love this film, i …
    i love this film, i could watch it over and over, my mates laugh at me they say i should be 77 not 27 lol, but it never gets old love the whole film, dont get talent like bing crosby and marjorie reynolds anymore!!!!
    love old hollywood glamour, merry xmas every1

  10. doylycar

    Never get tired of …
    Never get tired of this. It’s funny to think that this was the first time it was ever sung.

  11. doylycar

    @RoadhouseKiss I …
    @RoadhouseKiss I think so too.

  12. RoadhouseKiss

    Am I going deaf or …
    Am I going deaf or is the sound a bit low?

  13. friendofthejawas

    Aweeome song and …
    Aweeome song and singer

    RIP Bing

  14. RaiGrabski

    i want the duet. …
    i want the duet. just wondering why it isn’t released as an MP3

  15. pujoe

    One of our family …
    One of our family favorite Christmas movies because of this song. Thanks for the post.

  16. bran1995

    i love this movie
    i love this movie

  17. Daiseehead

    How beautiful it …
    How beautiful it sounds as a duet :)

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