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In this episode of Box Office Sunday, Kristian takes a shot at predictions with Ellis getting fat on turkey and pie.

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24 Responses to “Box Office Sunday: Who won? Twilight? Arthur Christmas? Muppets?”

  1. mARCO120298


  2. scripturient1POINT5

    What other movies …
    What other movies have you given 5/5 (of all the movies that you and Ellis reviewed)? Need a couple of good Friday night movies.

  3. TheTheGirlYouDontKno

    Twilight made so …
    Twilight made so much money because of 14 year old girls that had nothing to do so they re-watched twilight 5 times on the same weekend.

  4. kbdemonbain

    the reason twilight …
    the reason twilight is still on top you got all the woman going and seeing it multiple times to masturbate in the theater again


    America, I R …
    America, I R disappoint.

  6. jilijub

    I loved Hugo! It …
    I loved Hugo! It needs more attention.

  7. 17foreverJoJo

    It seems that no …
    It seems that no movies are being widely released this weekend, so it might make it even easier for Breaking Dawn to take #1 again. But if not, I predict it’ll take either the #2 or #3 spot, and then MAYBE the Muppets may get to shine at #1.

  8. TheDiggsFan

    @SchmoesKnow Hugo …
    @SchmoesKnow Hugo was in 5th because it only played at about 1500 theaters compared to the ususal 3000 for the other films.

  9. whailman

    I don’t want to …
    I don’t want to live on this planet any more.

  10. Co0kieMonsterxox

    surprised with …
    surprised with Happy Feet 2 getting in at number 3 and also thought Hugo would have done better dont get me started about Twilight its just insane twilight sucks

  11. MrJoshBorschman

    Doesnt it show the …
    Doesnt it show the quality of movie that twilight almost quartered in a week? it indicates to me that it is more excitement than quality film

  12. xxzw1

    Breaking dawn was …
    Breaking dawn was the worst movie EVER. I can’t believe how bad it was. It was so boring and NOTHING happened.
    They BARELY talked, most of the time they were just looking and staring at eachother in the most cliched way possible. This is coming from someone who read all the books..

  13. TheQwerty0999

    Bleh. scratch that …
    Bleh. scratch that last comment… Had Arthur Christmas before The Muppets :(  but glad to see The Muppets earning #2.

  14. TheQwerty0999

    Haha, I guessed …
    Haha, I guessed the same as you on Twitter! (joedavo0999)

  15. aassaa99

    noooo where’s the …
    noooo where’s the other guy..we can have only one schmo

  16. DreamTheater1551

    I think people …
    I think people rewatch Twilight again and again which keeps it going strong. It’s a shame though because I really liked Hugo, especially as a film major.

  17. crazygirl1502

    I went to see …
    I went to see Arthur Christmas today, it was really funny. Hugo wasn’t even showing at the theater.

  18. WolfDragon94

    I’m just glad that …
    I’m just glad that the franchise is almost over. I don’t want to see something like this again.

  19. awsomepants1000

    hey schmoes im …
    hey schmoes im planning on starting a movie review channel tomorrow any advice 

  20. zaneoninternet

    WHAT? no arguing in …
    WHAT? no arguing in a schmoes vid? thats a first. hahah grreat vid.

  21. MikeBannShow

    when you give all …
    when you give all the numbers out at the end you guys should predict next weeks numbers and how much number 1 will make, if you want

  22. maxonfire67

    I had the same …
    I had the same problem as you did. There was practically no one in the theater and people missed out on a fantastic movie. I think the reason why it bombed was because of course the twihards, but also the muppets look cute for kids and there was also an animated christmas movie.

  23. MNMreviews

    I’m calling it …
    I’m calling it right here, right now. Muppets will take #1 next weekend. Twilight will not make 300m. It has to play catch-up with New Moon and that ended at 296m.

  24. bubbachuck14

    @schmoesknow no …
    @schmoesknow no podcast for this week??? as usual, twilight gets number one…theaters here have line ups for that stupid movie and everybody buying that stupid twilight tumber….

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