Christmas Story

Children short stories
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23 Responses to “Children’s Short Stories NELSON HARRINSSON. A Christmas Gift”

  1. Borinken2002

    Fantastic!!! Great! …
    Fantastic!!! Great!! awesome!!! more more more!!!

  2. BullDogFoxA1

    Oh ok kool, this is …
    Oh ok kool, this is a pieceful place and we all are happy with it..

  3. Super240987

    lol this place …
    lol this place looks like its never been visited by a “hater” before. I dont bite =)

  4. BullDogFoxA1

    hey super24whatever …
    hey super24whatever !!!You are the piece of pile, so get out of here Out!! out!!

  5. Super240987

    dumb retarded video …
    dumb retarded video.. what has this got to do with chris crocker u pile of american horse shite

  6. CanadianWhale

    fantastic story, …
    fantastic story, really interesting

  7. AltaData001

    excellent story. …
    excellent story. greetings from Mexico. and happy year for you 2

  8. harrinsson44

    thanks Nayuda
    thanks Nayuda

  9. NorfolkNews

    cool too!
    cool too!

  10. vickyta19

    denmasiado bueno …
    denmasiado bueno este cuento

  11. OshiOkinawa


  12. Borinken2002

    muy bonitos tus …
    muy bonitos tus cuentos man…siga palante

  13. Thalysiakeuh

    so wonderful !
    so wonderful !

  14. InstantRose22

    I am back watching …
    I am back watching your videos…here with my dougnuts and tea

  15. BrisbaneRed

    !cool one …
    !cool one the way i’m subscribed to your brother loves them

  16. AkikoNoshimura

    good story…very …
    good story…very good nice..

  17. NayudaMakall

    Harrinson thank you …
    Harrinson thank you for this great story christmas so delicious like the other ones..Nayuda

  18. PettyCox

    well, on my last …
    well, on my last comment i bet if the new one was going to surpass the honest doll, and i have to admit that it did. …this one is greater love it petty

  19. DollyNork

    !!!Fuking awesome!! …
    !!!Fuking awesome!!!!

  20. NYApple202

    halo on my comp. …
    halo on my comp. sound sounds kool, problem might be on your spekers though

  21. harrinsson44

    hey halo thank you. …
    hey halo thank you… for your comments. I followed through with your suggestion about the titles. even though I have very little space after the name. this one will also be fixed on the next one…thanks for monitoring my videos and please keep doing that…peace Harrinsson

  22. halo3d

    Very nice.. !
    One …

    Very nice.. !
    One sugestion tho
    if u could keep the background music a bit lower than ur voice or keep ur voice level higher than the music in the editing program that you use it would be even beter :)

  23. mes984

    Merry christmas …
    Merry christmas Nelson, I hope you also get your gift now that you have given this one to the Youtube community.

    wonderful story… tanti auguri per voi

    Buon natale

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