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Music video by Chingy Featuring Ludacris And Snoop Dogg performing Holidae In.

Duration : 0:4:37

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25 Responses to “Chingy Featuring Ludacris And Snoop Dogg – Holidae In”

  1. sickjay9

    whatever happend …
    whatever happend to chingy?

  2. john lutkenhaus

    hahaha chingy is …
    hahaha chingy is wearin the same one

  3. onelove4821

    like this if youll …
    like this if youll still listen to this in 2013

  4. ChaseK004

    this take me back …
    this take me back to 11th grade ..

  5. antonio888

    Stop. Drop. Kaboom! …
    Stop. Drop. Kaboom!

  6. paang5t3r

    a nigga would get …
    a nigga would get shot today for wearing a hat like the one ludacris is

  7. supercoolness001

    If only I was …
    If only I was about 10 years older…

  8. MsYeahBlah

    hahah..this song …
    hahah..this song is catchy.

  9. takee000

    Like if you’re …
    Like if you’re still listening this in 2999 \m/

  10. lanena092286

    omg this takes me …
    omg this takes me bak to hskool!! miss the old days!!

  11. IsLadyCassette

    the good times…. …
    the good times…. :’c

  12. pukeoncops123

    This song has even …
    This song has even been around for a decade.

  13. bobthemartian007

    haven’t heard this …
    haven’t heard this song in over a decade. I’m a metal head now but does this bring back memories :)

  14. thebaddestbytchisin

    the look he got on …
    the look he got on his face when he say she got some bomb make it seem like hes lying lmao

  15. SLIMxJIM14

    I don’t know what …
    I don’t know what you mean by im trying to hard to do?

  16. LadyJodeci89


  17. RNClarke76

    Hes right, Your …
    Hes right, Your trying way to hard!!

  18. Ozzysuckshard

    i have no …
    i have no clue about what they’re rapping about because the bass is booming over the top of their really crappy censored trash

  19. allstarplaya1294

    Ludacris was the …
    Ludacris was the best

  20. SLIMxJIM14

    wat you mean trying …
    wat you mean trying too hard?

  21. avengedsoul24

    Lol you are trying …
    Lol you are trying to hard bro way to hard.

  22. jebria mapp

    This was a Hit wen …
    This was a Hit wen it name out still love chingy

  23. 311jazzii

    Stop, Drop, KaBoom …
    Stop, Drop, KaBoom baby! :)

  24. SLIMxJIM14

    Awhhhh Shittt!!!! …
    Awhhhh Shittt!!!! Bringing me back to that 2nd grade ha and im 17

  25. silverbackspy


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