Christmas Story

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A merry christmas story 2. Ali and Raza tell more christmas adventures for over the past few years as well as their original music video of a spoof on Fred’s Christmas cash called “Fruits and Vegetables”! ***SUBSCRIBE*** **

Fruits and Vegetables Lyrics

You know Raza’s always sticking to junky food for Christmas
I mean doesn’t he know of the sufferable consequences
Heart disease? Thanks but no thanks
I mean it could make you really fat just like me

Don’t need no cakes you bake cuz your a cheap skate
Don’t need no starbucks just the healthy stuff
Don’t need no dominoes pies are just no no no’s
No luxury chocolates I don’t want obesity
Oh Oh Oh Oh nothing too fatty
Oh Oh Oh Oh one thing I hate
Oh Oh Oh Oh it is quite understood
It is very very simple that all I really want is

Fruits and veggies veggies
Fruits all I eat is
Fruits and veggies veggies
You don’t even have to pack it you can just take it in hand
Fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty No!
Healthy healthy healthy healthy healthy Yeah!
Yummy yummy yummy yummy in my tummy Yeah!
Oh yeah I’m healthy!
Fruity fruity fruity fruity fruity fruity Yeah!
Veggie Veggie Veggie Veggie Veggie Veggie Yeah!

Eat your vegetables
I am going to eat them like hell
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Duration : 0:3:32

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