Christmas Story

This, the latest installment in REUNION Christian Church’s Bible Stories with Graham, tells of the not-so-well-known details of the Advent Story.

WARNING: The views expressed are not necessarily the views of REUNION Christian Church…or any Christian church, for that matter. Based on historical research, no one can be absolutely certain as to some of the facts surrounding Jesus’ birth, except that He loved the Jonas Brothers, as he loves all.

Duration : 0:6:20

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4 Responses to “Christmas Stories With Graham”

  1. Ronblue99

    Graham – this is …
    Graham – this is hysterical! Congrats to you…

  2. branandlee

    Love Bible Stories …
    Love Bible Stories with Graham, but is there any chance of fixing the sound quality in this video?

  3. Shortyjr56

    SO FUNNY!!! You’re …
    SO FUNNY!!! You’re the greatest man i have ever known of.

  4. pbnate

    If you made about …
    If you made about 5000 more of these videos, I would watch them all. Graham rocks!

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