Christmas Story

Christmas Story-Fa ra ra

June 24th, 2010

A classic scene from the classic movie a Christmas Story

Duration : 0:1:4

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25 Responses to “Christmas Story-Fa ra ra”

  1. Zades145

    I raffed.
    I raffed.

  2. 19Tammie70

    I love this movie!
    I love this movie!

  3. TheHollyTran

    LMAO, i love how my …
    LMAO, i love how my friends call me horry…
    did i mention i’m asian?

  4. Iwonderwotsfordinner

    Jinguh berr, jinguh …
    Jinguh berr, jinguh berr, jinguh arr deh ray

  5. westalliszodiac

    I work with an …
    I work with an Asian guy at work & I always sing this “version” to him around X-Mas. We both laugh!!! Great movie!!

  6. scottieman2

    It’s smiling at me.
    It’s smiling at me.

  7. johnhamilton08

    I love this part, …
    I love this part, its so wrong but so funny, and I love how the older Chinese man tries to make them stop.

  8. jeliaskov

    umm this isn’t …
    umm this isn’t racist, if anything it’s accent-ist… which it isn’t

  9. FAnchax


  10. topcat989


    PC pussy

    PC pussy

  11. kullprit

    classic christmas …
    classic christmas racism

  12. danecook321

    Ah, now that’s good …
    Ah, now that’s good old-fashion family racism!

  13. ChandlerEllis

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  14. sxylady159


  15. spethkasey

    Watch this Movie …
    Watch this Movie online at W W W . TV-Video . us

  16. SumNJFella

    I like when randy …
    I like when randy says I HATE MEATLOAF lol

  17. knoxvilleguy2

    It’s always …
    It’s always surprised me that the P.C. / Bleeding Heart Super – Hyper Uber – Liberal crowd hasn’t said much of anything about this scene, since it’s obviously Politically Incorrect & insulting to Chinese & other Asians.


    I aparogize i mean …
    I aparogize i mean to say i just rearnin engrish!
    thanx Sardaukar4 for the engrish reason

  19. Mzzcrazzy

    LOL!! IL OVE …

  20. drock1234567890

    Stop…stop…stop. …
    Stop…stop…stop….sing something else……stop…stop…stop….kitchen….bring food….

  21. n8dogg87

    Ah so! I’m a …
    Ah so! I’m a da-chineeeese! I speakee no engrishee!

    *eye roll to inifinity*

  22. Sardaukar4

    I think you mean ” …
    I think you mean “rearnin engrish”

  23. palexchick226

    i do too. it’s a …
    i do too. it’s a shame no one else can follow suit. this movie is a classic and after seeing it in full for the first time last week, a new favorite of mine.

  24. CallMeDaddyHoe

    For some reason the …
    For some reason the chinese people i know are the complete opposite. Instead of replacing the L’s with R’s they replace the R’s with L’s, so it’s the other way around! Like, my mom can’t say “Road”, she says “Load”, etc. Haha.

  25. RockyBalboa211

    It is hilarious.. …
    It is hilarious.. Great movie!

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