Christmas Story

Tell us the origin story of your favorite fictional character for a chance to win:

Before there was Santa Claus, there was Kris – an unemployed husband with a chimney, a beard and a dream…

Duration : 0:3:9

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25 Responses to “Christmas Story: How Kris Kringle Became Santa (ES #13)”

  1. ttmkilla

    i would bang mrs. …
    i would bang mrs. claus all night

  2. greenmonsta55

    @huuperi r u like 7?
    @huuperi r u like 7?

  3. MattHardywwe

    Saint Nicholas was …
    Saint Nicholas was orginally Turkish. so you did this very wrong.

  4. huuperi

    WHAT?!?!?!? Santa …
    WHAT?!?!?!? Santa doesn’t live in North Canada! He lives in North Finland!!!
    I’ve seen him!!

    No bull, if you ever visit Finland go see santa he’s there! :D

  5. Sims3Forever3

    @MiddletownMarie He …
    @MiddletownMarie He Sounds a Little High…Lol

  6. Sims3Forever3

    I watched part 2, …
    I watched part 2, First..

  7. MiddletownMarie

    gosh, it sounds so …
    gosh, it sounds so stupid when you look at it this way. :)

  8. darkrulerisasome

    @TheJamile YEAA …
    @TheJamile YEAA SHE IS!

  9. bddblade

    Dam that girl is a …
    Dam that girl is a hottie.

  10. mfkinprincess

    lol isnt that …
    lol isnt that braking and entering

  11. unique52562

    I do
    I do

  12. lockout125

    LOLOLOL “through …
    LOLOLOL “through the cimney, no one puts alarms in their chimneys”

  13. Osiriss20

    Haha Peepers is …
    Haha Peepers is cute
    maybe if he grew a little:B

  14. kidkillaforilla

    Hey, it’s Sam Beam, …
    Hey, it’s Sam Beam, folks.

  15. TheJamile

    mrs claus is hot!
    mrs claus is hot!

  16. lola92393


  17. Chriskinda

    lolz that is some …
    lolz that is some funny shit

  18. sweetboot1

    Omfg! that was …
    Omfg! that was halariouse! Nice robe btw!

  19. gymgirl1227

    same here. thanx …
    same here. thanx shane! u made my day

  20. athenabrightblood

    I watched both …
    I watched both episodes and its hilarious. Keep up the great work guys. Oh by the way I heard of you guys through Shane’s channel. So glad I saw this. Made my morning.

  21. aidoanto221

    i love this
    i love this

  22. luv2singjessica

    lol funny
    lol funny

  23. xXEkLypSeXx


  24. ranabluu

    Very cute. Too bad …
    Very cute. Too bad she doesn’t “believe!”

  25. DiorJealousx20

    hes santa? …

    hes santa? i never wouldve guessed.

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