Christmas Story

Christmas Story: Santa Claus

September 28th, 2010

A visit to Santa backfires on Ralphie

Duration : 0:2:54

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25 Responses to “Christmas Story: Santa Claus”

  1. therandomexample

    @3376855 an …
    @3376855 an Official Red Ryder carbine action 200 foot shot range air rifle. TAA DAAA!

  2. stojy161994

    Hahahaha i love it …
    Hahahaha i love it when Randy starts crying on his lap lol

  3. 3376855

    What’s the full …
    What’s the full name of the gun an offical red rider what?

  4. Menashabluejays

    lol i have a vhs …
    lol i have a vhs but i have a dvd player too

  5. 1963Pure

    @NodDisciple1 A …
    @NodDisciple1 A relic from the last century ;-)

  6. NodDisciple1

    Wow, …

    Wow, you still have VHS? XD

  7. NodDisciple1


    You’re a manager at a mall? :?

  8. JenkBigQ

    lol, worst santa …
    lol, worst santa claus ever

  9. NodDisciple1

    “Bad Santa’s” dad …
    “Bad Santa’s” dad was the guy up in the costume I bet. XP

  10. NodDisciple1

    @greendragonkiller …
    You should make a ytp combining that w/ this scene. Plz do, it’d be funny! T_T

  11. gollygee35

    The woman elf is …
    The woman elf is the best. I use that same tone when i drag my niece around.

  12. curlytoes79

    haha…Santa …
    haha…Santa staring down at Ralphie like some indifferent god.

  13. StarBoy62


  14. aaahshaddap

    If that Santa ever …
    If that Santa ever came to MY Mall, I would have fired his before he even got the job. The elves too.

  15. 1963Pure

    I watch this movie …
    I watch this movie every year on VHS at Chrismas time!

  16. videomix22

    Jean Shepherd was …
    Jean Shepherd was an excellent writer and did a great job in writing this movie. He was also the Narrator, and the Man in the department store in Line for Santa. He asks Ralphie ” Hey kid, just where do you think your going? RIP Jean Shepherd.

  17. supergamma2010

    wow…they have …
    wow…they have made santa and his elves look really evil

  18. greendragonkiller

    it’s a football!

    it’s a football!
    it’s a stone, luigi. you didn’t make it.

  19. tommyt1971

    That little bit of …
    That little bit of music right as his smile melts is funny too!

  20. tommyt1971

    Christ, those elves …
    Christ, those elves are sadistic!! %-D

  21. CaptainCrunchOwns

    This is the best.
    This is the best.

  22. Suprahajimoto

    Funnest part of the …
    Funnest part of the movie. Oh I cant wait to watch this all day on Christmas!!!!

  23. naruto7goku7

    football…football …
    football…football…what’s a football? lol…classic….

  24. PCCphoenix

    Here is proof that …
    Here is proof that this Santa Claus is HO-HO-HOPELESS!!!

  25. KingOystar

    I love his big …
    I love his big smile at 1:51

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