Christmas Story

David Tennant reading CBeebies bedtime story on Christmas Eve.
Story: ‘The Christmas Bear’ by Henrietta and Paul Stickland


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25 Responses to “David Tennant reads ‘The Christmas Bear’ (CBeebies Bedtime Story)”

  1. archaeologica

    Hahahahahahaha oh, …
    Hahahahahahaha oh, David.

  2. xxxLittleMexxxx

    ahahahaha …
    ahahahaha ahahahahaha ha ahahahahahahaha David ”Wheres that penguin going? Ma ma. LOOOOLZ

  3. GreenDay424

    “And I know someone …
    “And I know someone who knows exactly how Father Christmas gets it done.”

    The Doctor?

  4. Issyvb

    aww so this is what …
    aww so this is what he’ll be like as a dad! lucky little kid!

  5. Ozslady

    was that really …
    was that really david changing his voice or was he miming really

  6. iloveabba100

    I bet that didn’t …
    I bet that didn’t help calm down any excited children! And I LOVE the jumper.

  7. AnoukvdS

    Why am I watching …
    Why am I watching this? :’)

  8. crazy4musicyo

    I like everything …
    I like everything apart from the stripy jumper, lol

  9. gijis02

    No… Father …
    No… Father Christmas gets all the Christmas presents ready using the Doctor’s Tardis!!!! XD

  10. PioggiaNelVento

    I just can’t watch …
    I just can’t watch this without laughing. O God.

  11. SirmionaCecilia

    I’m fifteen, and …
    I’m fifteen, and it’s not even christmas – yet, it’s so great, and that penguin sound makes me laugh every time! David is so, so cool

  12. maxdoggie628

    wait…did he just …
    wait…did he just make the quacking noise? XD

  13. Shilara

    heheheheheh I truly …
    heheheheheh I truly love this man…hes funny, lovely and just amazing in general. He can read a book to me any time at all!!

  14. horrabletypoe

    this is the …
    this is the greatest thing I have ever seen.

  15. SexyPunkRockerina

    aw, so sweet^^ if …
    aw, so sweet^^ if he was my dad i would have begged him to tell me stories like that (when i was younger of course)^^ would be even vuter if he read of a book and not from teleprompter

  16. IWhentOut

    i miss havin my mum …
    i miss havin my mum and dad read me stories like this its the best part of going to sleep.

  17. jazzbj35

    nite nite david lol
    nite nite david lol

  18. tennant1971

    me and my sister …
    me and my sister are watching this toghether and i have this book!

  19. SquidgetAndFlobber

    his father …
    his father christmas voice is insanely cute XD

  20. TheRealLinzys

    He’s just a doll. < …
    He’s just a doll. <3 Can’t get over the cuteness!

  21. SkinnyScottishBloke

    Thanks for watching …
    Thanks for watching and Merry Christmas <3

  22. Tesan

    Aw! He’s so CUTE :D
    Aw! He’s so CUTE :D
    Thanks for the Upload & Have a very Tennant Christmas! (:

  23. B00rD

    HAHA that was …
    HAHA that was hilarious! XD It made me grin right through this. He can read me a bedtime story any day ;)
    Thanks for the upload! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! ;DD

  24. SkinnyScottishBloke

    My pleasure <3

    My pleasure <3
    Merry Christmas !

  25. megagirlmargmuse

    Merry Christmas!! …
    Merry Christmas!! Thanks for the Upload!

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