Christmas Story

David Tennant reads ‘The Christmas Bear’ by authors Henrietta & Paul Stickland on CBeebies Bedtime Story. Dec. 24, 2009.

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25 Responses to “David Tennant’s Bedtime Story 4.0”

  1. Xspuffylover4everX

    “Oh hello, im David …
    “Oh hello, im David!” oh my gosh! hes wearing a santa hat! <3

  2. Weber1437

    Tea, haha. Very …
    Tea, haha. Very british

  3. candymandy224

    “all of a sudden… …
    “all of a sudden…. little bear FELL IN!” this is high drama…..
    “now we must be off!!!” LOL he looks so serious. if i ever have kids, i’m showing them these just to make them smile :) already makes ME smile.
    god that was sentimental…

  4. emergencyCALL911

    He he. Little Bear …
    He he. Little Bear doesn’t understand Father Christmas’s Techno babble. Remind you of anything?

  5. grandchildofchaos

    The doctor is Santa …
    The doctor is Santa Claus
    he knew what Rose got when she was a kid.

  6. monkeyaround92

    I’ll wrap YOUR …
    I’ll wrap YOUR present, david :) . lol that is so wrong…

  7. amotuchan

    lol when David says …
    lol when David says “Little Beah!”

  8. MsRoseTyler1

    @youngupsessor13 …
    @youngupsessor13 you don’t need to be old or young. just it is good to listen to david. i agree with you, i could listen to david – and to watch david telling stories for all eternity. ;) happy christmas to you !

  9. dawnriku

    @xkirahatesyoux ” …
    @xkirahatesyoux “look at you beaming away like your father christmas” “who says i am not red bicycle when you were twelve”
    cannon. look it up
    rose and 9.

  10. ubeconielo

    @xkirahatesyoux The …
    @xkirahatesyoux The ninth doctor said something like that :)

  11. littlemissSoprano

    Oh, this one is so …
    Oh, this one is so sweet! I’ve seen David’s other bedtime stories, but this is one of the best! He’s really able to put such a cozy, Christmasty feel to the story. And I adore his Santa Claus voice! Well, “na-night!”

  12. youngupsessor13

    At times like this …
    At times like this I wish I was younger or it was more appropriate for people my age to watch this kind of stuff, and it was Christmas time, I still believed in santa/father Christmas,I could watch David Tennant narrate stories forever, I could time travel ,and a lot of other things that are not going to happen unfortunately

  13. I4gotmyMANTRA

    I really shouldn’t …
    I really shouldn’t be enjoying these as much as I am… considering I think I’m a bit older than the target audience. :D

  14. ih8clownsproductions

    @berceuse23 Sexy …
    @berceuse23 Sexy Sexy David Tennant Penguins

  15. ih8clownsproductions

    Never before have …
    Never before have children stories been so irresistable

  16. andrewdafoe

    @xkirahatesyoux …
    @xkirahatesyoux lol that explains the “sound” eve it’s not rain deer on the roof it’s a freaking TARDIS!!

  17. channyandseddiefan

    Lovin’ the outfit, …
    Lovin’ the outfit, D. [;

  18. knight727

    “What did you get …
    “What did you get for Christmas?”
    A biography :/

  19. sh0ck54

    haha father …
    haha father Christmas’ chuckle :D

  20. peterabbid

    If that’s David …
    If that’s David making the penguin noises .. my life is complete.

  21. travelbymind

    This has been my …
    This has been my favorite children’s book for soo long….OMG, this just makes it soo much better! This made my night! :D
    Haha, wow, I’m weird…but this so exciting for me! :D
    And one way to tell that I am excited, I almost never say “OMG”.

  22. laugh808

    “oh ello i’m david” …
    “oh ello i’m david” I love hearing him say that! I never get sick of it!

  23. xSisterxGrimmx

    Nice hat, David!!! …
    Nice hat, David!!! <3

  24. Canabbseser

    Why is it that I …
    Why is it that I cannot stop smiling.
    Everytime he speaks I cannot help but love him <3

  25. TheLofanator

    This is just too …
    This is just too adorable and makes David Tennant even more lovable. Love the Santa Clause voice. And the penguin.

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