Christmas Story

Doctor Who Christmas Story

June 24th, 2010

A little Doctor Who animation made to say Merry Christmas to all my friends.
Thank you to:
The Doctor Who wav archive ( Chris ‘Demat’ for the TARDIS model.
Rob Semenoff,( K-9 model.
Rhys Salcombe for NS Dalek Model

Duration : 0:1:35

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25 Responses to “Doctor Who Christmas Story”

  1. RobDalek

    that was really …
    that was really good I like the way new k-9 flew the sleigh instrad of tradditional reindeers LOL : )


    fantastic vid

    fantastic vid
    will you being doing any more?
    if so could you do some with the 10th and 11th doctor? or all of them

  3. DukeNukem111

    claps his hands, …
    claps his hands, audio seemed a bit off but otherwise pretty amazing.

  4. hcvang

    you really are very …
    you really are very good… that david tennant is great.

  5. Knittfix

    Excellent stuff!

    Excellent stuff!

    Oh and Tennant is saying “Someone wants a word with you.”

  6. grantha

    wow – first time …
    wow – first time i’ve seen this – lovely

  7. Poltroon

    Excellent stuff! …
    Excellent stuff! But what does the Tennant sample say in the closing seconds? The engine noise rather drowns it out…

  8. feckingbillgates

    It doesn’t need to …
    It doesn’t need to be “updated”. It’s a nice little story with the first Doctor and the tenth Doctor, and that’s all it needs to be. Nobody talks about going back and updating The Five Doctors.

  9. feckingbillgates

    Marvellous! Thanks …
    Marvellous! Thanks for this!

  10. merosonox


  11. eleventhdr

    can you undate this …
    can you undate this one and put in all of the doctors somehow this is still cool but needs to be updated if and when at all possible and made much longer possible the doctrs at other hoidays etc et all hmmm!?

  12. megamario3247

    and also how did u …
    and also how did u do that?

  13. megamario3247

    brilliant 3d …
    brilliant 3d affects jolly good show!

  14. chibiace

    thats pretty cool.
    thats pretty cool.

  15. DoctorWhoIsBest


  16. blickquickly

    As a VERY long time …
    As a VERY long time fan, this is cute. nothing more. I do love a good dalek episode tho.

  17. ScareMeSexy71


  18. cheifdramatist

    you should make a …
    you should make a mini animated series!

  19. theromanticgeek

    thats ace
    thats ace

  20. torchwood11

    In a word, amazing
    In a word, amazing

  21. doctorwhoobawooba

    r0fl thats super, i …
    r0fl thats super, i lmfaod about the flying

  22. VirtualVikki

    Way cool!
    Way cool!

  23. TennantGirl12

    Wow! PLZ make one …
    Wow! PLZ make one of the 10th doc cause he looked sooo cool!

  24. Thedoctorsbiggestfan

    that was really …
    that was really good u should make more like that well done

  25. pertuk

    That was bloody …
    That was bloody brilliant!

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