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Elton John – Holiday Inn (60th Birthday)

Duration : 0:4:5

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22 Responses to “Elton John – Holiday Inn (60th Birthday)”

  1. rocketvon

    Way, way kewl dude! …
    Way, way kewl dude! Is not life grand? Thank you Elton and Bernie!

  2. MrJohnTConner

    Einfach GRANDIOS!!! …
    Einfach GRANDIOS!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bill Clinton hatte bestimmt seinen Spass.

  3. senicadoo

    Couldn’t agree with …
    Couldn’t agree with you more…the band is really great and so Elton is.

  4. zoomrightin

    I would have loved …
    I would have loved to have been in that choir!

    Elton is amazing! What a performer!

  5. darryldelay

    this song is …
    this song is almost 40 years old absolutly brilliant.

  6. bruceski2133

    couldnt agree more. …
    couldnt agree more. wish ej would utilise his accoustic skills more. the mandolin always sounds great. also any ej expo attendee will tell you he is a very nice person too, davey johnstone that is. his contribution makes the song would not be as good without the mandolin

  7. rocksteplindy

    Only one version …
    Only one version better–the demo with the extra verse.

  8. Eltonfan1983

    Davey is so …
    Davey is so amazing!!

  9. martdude9

    Totally agree with …
    Totally agree with you

  10. skippersee

    I agree !!!!!!!!!! …
    I agree !!!!!!!!!! with latta4 100 percent

  11. walterbrob

    must be a thrill …
    must be a thrill for the young choir

  12. aoifegall

    Wow this is …
    Wow this is actually a really good version! One of the few songs he can still sing pretty well. Such an under rated the mandolin.

  13. guitarlad89

    davey johnstone is …
    davey johnstone is such an underrated guitarist/mandolinist……. the whole band is absolutely fantastic and surely one of elton’s best

  14. eltonator

    I have actually …
    I have actually fallen in love with this very version

  15. sebekk

    Looooove it! :) 
    Looooove it! :) 

  16. donedave

    fuck this is GOOOOD …
    this is GOOOOD- brings tears to my eyes it’s so good!

  17. cshowalter

    listen to the …
    listen to the original on a headset…it is amazing the way the mandolin, drum and piano pull together at the end of the song

  18. thfunny15

    it’s a ten minute …
    it’s a ten minute ride to the holiday inn .. Yeah Elton Your The Man!!

  19. latta4

    Slow down Joe, I’m …
    Slow down Joe, I’m a rock n’ roll man! Indeed one of Elton’s most under-rated and brilliant songs!

  20. eltonj4ever

    awesome :)
    awesome :)

  21. youvalss

    Great song! I wish …
    Great song! I wish he could sing it like in the 70′s.

  22. guitarlad89

    one of his most …
    one of his most underrated and best

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