Christmas Story

IAR speaks exclusively with actor Hugh Laurie about his work in the new 3D computer animated holiday film ‘Arthur Christmas,’ which opens in U.S. theaters on November 23rd.

Interviewer: Jami Philbrick
Editor: Kenny Dodson

Duration : 0:4:26

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14 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Hugh Laurie talks ‘Arthur Christmas’”

  1. TheCape99


  2. MissNaivety

    You’re right. Not …
    You’re right. Not everyone knows that. Also, I’m a gigantic Hugh Laurie fan so maybe I’m different from other people XD

  3. Promistor

    dont blame me i …
    dont blame me i just realised it hes so good at american english its hard to see that hes brittish and besides i didnt know he was born in oxford

  4. MissNaivety

    good morning. he …
    good morning. he was born in Oxford :]

  5. benja367

    Me to

    Me to

  6. Promistor

    wait dr house is …
    wait dr house is britt?

  7. Salocinist

    “No, we have …
    “No, we have chrismas on the left”….I love this guy

  8. Cybertip3000

    That was the only …
    That was the only reason I am even subscribed to them…

  9. kak10053

    Haha I knew it was …
    Haha I knew it was his voice! I haven’t seen the movie yet but I have seen the trailer.

  10. MsAlexisLovee

    House is british!? …
    House is british!?!?

  11. DareToDieTV

    Its house :D 
    Its house :D 

  12. benja367

    what happened to …
    what happened to tube top

  13. benja367



  14. WhatsWithNathan

    been wanting to …
    been wanting to watch it.

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