Christmas Story

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Episode 1 of our new series called family story time where we talk about stories from past Thanksgivings and Christmas traditions. We tell funny stories and talk about the past.

Let us know what kinda subjects you would like us to talk about in future story time videos.

Duration : 0:21:59

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25 Responses to “Family Story Time – Thanksgiving, Christmas and More (Episode 1)”


    they say thats …
    they say thats their only family..well i dont think it will get bigger do the the fact that dweebo is gay and sean cant find his pecker.

  2. VonLeenknecht

    fuck off i’m not …
    off i’m not santa

  3. ClipsNetwork

    @smurfarooney2003 …
    @smurfarooney2003 yeah, they make money from those advertisments from google that’s on there videos. liek when you click the ad they make a certain amount of money. Do your best and don’t click on them, haha lol

  4. jarrettsuhr

    they year we …
    they year we went to jamica I was stuck in my room most of the day I couldn’t go out of my roon because of psycholical complications with the opposite sex. I can’t more precise to void offend the lady user on here.

  5. jarrettsuhr

    chrismas has been …
    chrismas has been a pain in the ash the last few years because for some reason after my mons mother and father died about 4 years apart from each other mon changed here mind about how often we had to get together with the cousin. So every year for like the last 3 to 4 years we been forced to do some kind of get togther with them. Prior to that we only saw them on average once like every 2 to 12 years.

  6. meganm24

    lol’ing so much @ …
    lol’ing so much @ 15:17

  7. sfeverX2

    You are very lucky …
    You are very lucky to have a family as nice as this and willing to do these videos with you! Your dad is awesome! Your mom and brother are very kind! Do more story videos! Can Herb tell more stories? He tells a story in such a great way, he’s hilarious and down to earth. Thanks for doing these videos Shawn!

  8. CHoKPoP

    @lxllmlxlmllxl …
    @lxllmlxlmllxl cavalier king charles spaniel

  9. SheikMaster3000

    Your family is so …
    Your family is so cool, Shawn. You’re very lucky to have a family like that. I wish mine was like yours.

  10. smurfarooney2003


  11. Quentinisgod

    yes more!
    yes more!

  12. EstherColemanFan

    I love your family!
    I love your family!

  13. radiodaze10

    Hilarious! I feel …
    Hilarious! I feel I’ve just visited your house Sean!.

    This was better than any tv show,

  14. lxllmlxlmllxl

    what kind of dog is …
    what kind of dog is it ? I’m in love

  15. coolduder10

    reality show…
    reality show…

  16. Hyperionides

    What a lovely …
    What a lovely family!

  17. th0mas015

    do a story of how …
    do a story of how ur mother and father met.

  18. Jongjinlee

    shawn you look more …
    shawn you look more like your mother, and your brother looks more like your dad. You guys should be on mtv!

  19. Hussar222

    Awesome family :D
    Awesome family :D bet you guys spend a lot of quality time together. Post more family vids!

  20. saltrapty

    shawn. ur brother …
    shawn. ur brother is CUTE!!! hook a brother up

  21. elle3612

    Your family is …
    Your family is hilarious. I just subscribed.

  22. Caygo07

    herb should do …
    herb should do stand up

  23. Xelotz

    hahaha 08:20
    hahaha 08:20

  24. shrammy26

    hey shawn, job on …
    hey shawn, job on the hd, i noticed the big difference between the sharpness.

  25. kurtdahle

    @chicocool654 ,,,, …
    @chicocool654 ,,,,are you serious? coolduder looks exactly like herb,,

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