Christmas Story

Season 1 Family Ties ep

Duration : 0:9:13

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20 Responses to “Family Ties- A Christmas Story (1 of 3)”

  1. popgrand212

    @Smartboy8877 No …
    @Smartboy8877 No it isnt. Its called duel citizenship. Alex could born in any country but because his parents are American citizens that means he too is an American citizen. Making him a citizen in both countries.

  2. Tubewings

    Anyone else here …
    Anyone else here think Alex was born in Nigeria? (due to Steve’s line about Max’s Kosher African Deli being closed on Saturdays and Nigerian Bank Holidays)

  3. Smartboy8877


    I am …

    I am afraid that I do not know enough about Mexican law to answer this question.

  4. luno44

    @Smartboy8877 Is …
    @Smartboy8877 Is the reverse also true? Can Mexican parents pop the kid out in this country, and the kid will still be a full Mexican citizen as well as American?

  5. Smartboy8877


    That …

    That is, by all means, a hole in the plot!

  6. Smartboy8877



    That line was nothing more than comic relief to a rather serious situation.

  7. Smartboy8877


    That …

    That might be true. However, because both of his parents were American citizens, he would be considered having been born into American citizenship. This being the case, he can do everything that any other American can do including run for president!

  8. Smartboy8877


    I …

    I laughed at that line too!

  9. zeldagirl71

    i love this show …
    i love this show mostly cuz i love anything with michael j fox but still it is an awesome show

  10. Katiecat2009

    I love alex or …
    I love alex or michael j fox

  11. tasteslikepaintnwood

    michael j fox was …
    michael j fox was great on “night court”‘s Christmas special too!

  12. luno44

    I’m mocking the way …
    I’m mocking the way American politics think. A Mexican jumps over the fens into California just before giving birth and we say the kid is American (not Mexican or Mexican-American. The phrase hasn’t been popularized). So apparently, the country you’re born in is your country of origin. But also, black people may have to go back several generations before they can name an ancestor born in the continent of Africa, and we don’t call them Americans because “african-american” has been popularized.

  13. lrjtmntfan


  14. kylas124

    isnt it funny that …
    isnt it funny that they were going away for christmas yet all the presents were under the tree

  15. luno44

    Wow. According to …
    Wow. According to American rules, Alex is an African-American.

  16. epicgoldfish

    i saw a camel …
    i saw a camel buying an airline ticket.

  17. SCE2AUX

    “…in fact this is …
    “…in fact this is still last years draught”

  18. CharmedFan600

    Thank You so much …
    Thank You so much for adding this episode one of the best they had.I Love this show!!!

  19. elliot1973

    This is one of the …
    This is one of the best sitcom Christmas specials ever! Thanks for posting this!

  20. psydelique

    I love this three …
    I love this three episodes, it’s great to remember ours remembers.

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