Christmas Story

Includes both Parts 1 and 2 in one complete mini-movie. I didn’t bother coming out with the 2nd part separately. I just went ahead and put it all together right after finishing #2.

HIDE is an exercise in storytelling using moving pictures. I’m a comic book writer and illustrator by profession, but I find it fascinating (as well as enlightening and educational) to tell stories in other ways.

Duration : 0:9:33

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25 Responses to “HIDE (A CHRISTMAS Shocker) – Short Film”

  1. nongski

    just saw this now.. …
    just saw this now.. i labbb itt!!!

  2. TheyROutThere

    Nice work 5/5.
    Nice work 5/5.

  3. herazjuno

    2 thumbs up!
    2 thumbs up!

  4. SobrangPogi

    Lol. ur so funny. I …
    Lol. ur so funny. I like the way you make ur videos. Keep it up

  5. erlem2000

    ayuz! takot ako sa …
    ayuz! takot ako sa doll.

  6. aileenapolo

    Loved the video! …
    Loved the video! The ending was really shocking!

  7. oley102288

    hihihi galing!! …
    hihihi galing!! parang 2 girls in one cup un ah?!!! hahaha dbezt!!

  8. laelreign

    Ang galing! horror …
    Ang galing! horror na comedy!

  9. laelreign

    I don’t know but …
    I don’t know but this reminds me of the movie 30 days on night….The doll scene also reminds me of Monty Python’s Holy Grail(Evil Bunny Scene)

  10. jak0110

    ASSTTEEEGG!!! hahaha!

  11. bpeterdude316

    this is so filipino …
    this is so filipino!!!! I’m from Britain galing!!!!

  12. komikero

    Why, thank you. …
    Why, thank you. It’s not true, but thank you. :D

  13. PhilippinesVideos

    YOur So Gawpo :D
    YOur So Gawpo :D

  14. inggo818

    Talagang Shocker …
    Talagang Shocker sir gerry! Wierd, disgusting and funny! Hahahah… ^_^

  15. MokongX3M

    haha, who knows …
    haha, who knows maybe ABS-CBN will offer you show with classic stuff like that

  16. popazrael

    hahahaha kelan ang …
    hahahaha kelan ang EB !!!

  17. komikero

    Don’t you mean …
    Don’t you mean AZtig? he.he. Thanks Az! Kita kita kits tayo! Pinoy You Tubers EB!!

  18. komikero

    Thanks, man! I’m …
    Thanks, man! I’m really having fun with things like this. And really, I’m slowly finding out that I have absolutely no shame.

  19. komikero

    Thanks very much!
    Thanks very much!

  20. komikero

    Yeah, anything I do …
    Yeah, anything I do, regardless of intent, seems to fall back into hilarity. But I don’t mind. he.he. I’m discovering this is something I really like doing so you can count on more videos in the future. :)

  21. komikero

    Thanks! I’ll …
    Thanks! I’ll definitely do something else one of these days, as soon as I find a nice (and absolutely crazy) story to do. :)

  22. komikero

    You’re my …
    You’re my inspiration in the kadiri department, pare! he.he. Yaan mo, gagawa pa ako.

  23. qwertyjpc

    that was hilarious! …
    that was hilarious! It was more of a horror-spoff comedy than an actual horror movie. Will you make more in the future?

  24. rontv

    very funny! I love …
    very funny! I love the last toilet scene.You should do more of this kind.5 star work.

  25. nyekvideos

    Kadiri ka talaga …
    Kadiri ka talaga Gerry! Hahaha! Gawa ka pa ulit! ROFL!

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