Christmas Story

X-Christmas 2008

Duration : 0:3:33

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25 Responses to “His Favorite Christmas Story- Capital Lights”

  1. TopPaidApps

    Who are the 11 who …
    Who are the 11 who disliked? I punch them hard :)

  2. askaggs15

    I tear up everytime …
    I tear up everytime I hear this. And I am a dude! :/ haha

  3. cometome255

    best bit,
    0:00 to …

    best bit,
    0:00 to 3:33 =DDDD one of the best songs by them!

  4. mh55553

    i love this song
    i love this song

  5. MadisonAtMidnight

    I feel sorry for …
    I feel sorry for the 11 people who missed the like button.. they must have seriously deep rooted issues ^_^ lolz jk (kinda) this song is so amazing!

  6. 787tiffany

    I just got chills …
    I just got chills from this song

  7. Cmoneyify7

    wow the end is sad …
    wow the end is sad but happy in a way

  8. viggosempire

    i want to cry but …
    i want to cry but its not manly

  9. hockeypunk92

    Its One Of The Best …
    Its One Of The Best Songs Ive Heard In Years

  10. efatarocks

    honestly this is a …
    honestly this is a sad song, he falls in love with her and doesn’t find her until he’s about to die

  11. GreenDayRocks1111

    this song made me …
    this song made me cry

  12. budafake14

    nomames ke pinche …
    nomames ke pinche bonito ke pinche hermosa kansion

  13. MsTkhan

    i think it’s a …
    i think it’s a happy story. they finally met! what are the chances of that happening. sure he loved his last few moments with her, that would have felt like a lifetime!

  14. skaterodog

    love this story i …
    love this story i am crying

  15. davypeep

    the first time i …
    the first time i heard this i started to tear up. I dont get as sad now but i still get sad when i hear it. Its so sad that the story sucks, sucks as in its TOO sad.

  16. Alexax13

    This song is simply …
    This song is simply amazing.

  17. Tyvark

    It’s not even …
    It’s not even Christmas anymore and I just dug this song up to listen to it again. What a wonderful song…

  18. Tyvark

    @re535 Dude, I was …
    @re535 Dude, I was just thinking the exact same thing. It’s not even Christmas anymore and I dug this song up just to listen to it.

  19. JesusLoverOfMySoul10

    That’s so sweet. I …
    That’s so sweet. I started crying at the end.

  20. pokepokestabby

    i never heard of …
    i never heard of this band until i listened to this song and now i share it with all my friends and it never gets old. i love this song, it made me cry!

  21. StatiicviZn

    @misterluckylemon …
    @misterluckylemon im a guy too, songs that don’t have some sort of personal connection are pointless to listen too. didn’t cry though :/

  22. MultiMovieNerd

    whoa, my head spun …
    whoa, my head spun when i heard the ending! :D i love it!

  23. lucas1028lover

    @hellopeeps8686 Oh …
    @hellopeeps8686 Oh my god! me too! I keep getting goosebumps <3

  24. lucas1028lover

    I cried
    I cried

  25. awesomedude717

    this freakin song …
    this freakin song is dope man!

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