Christmas Story

Holiday Inn

July 30th, 2012

Finalist in the One Show 2007

Duration : 0:0:36

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13 Responses to “Holiday Inn”

  1. Skibarkhill

    I’m thinking about …
    I’m thinking about getting a ten gallon hat. Lol so funny

  2. phobal

    -3*s for cutting …
    -3*s for cutting off the end :(

  3. wdhsk4


  4. skaalz44

    Oh, that makes it …
    Oh, that makes it harder to redeem ‘em

  5. phobal

    i don’t know, this …
    i don’t know, this is a close one with the burton ad…

  6. lesliesk84

    I don’t have any …
    I don’t have any points

  7. pistolabus

    the series of ads …
    the series of ads is, yes. not this one in particular, id go with the one about susans blog.

  8. pistolabus

    i want a 10 gallon …
    i want a 10 gallon hat

  9. alexmatchim

    i love these …
    i love these commercials…the one where they start talking whale to eachother is the best hahahahah

  10. colouredbills

    funniest commercial …
    funniest commercial ever ?

  11. Zagato86Trueno

    “They’re made of …
    “They’re made of GOLD”

  12. BIGPJM

    “What is he a clown …
    “What is he a clown or something?” lol

  13. michaelgmitchell

    No, the one with …
    No, the one with the whale sounds far surpasses this one.

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